Bmw z4 coupe review

BMW Z4 Coupe Review And Buying Guide

bmw z4 coupe review

BMW's E86 Z4 coupe offers great looks, a cracking six-pot engine and sweet handling for a low price. Here's what you need to know before.

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One such car is the standard Z4 Coupe. Sure, the Z4 M Coupe is a bhp weapon that shares its S54 3. That kind of power puts it somewhere in the middle of hot hatch territory - in fact its 5. The 3. Oh, and anthracite headlining. When Z4 coupe owner Andrew was in the market for his car, a Sport was his choice.

When I first drove the Z4 a few years back, I really loved it. Its challenging looks won me over, it's supremely quick and its roof mechanism is first rate. The Coupe is essentially unchanged dynamically so I wasn't expecting much difference.
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Now, we try the first right-hand-drive 3. On the road, the feeling of driving a raw sports car continues. This SE-spec model does without the stiff M Sport suspension, but it still struggles to smooth out bumps, making it uncomfortable on back roads and difficult to predict when cornering. However, turn into a bend and the stiffer shell means the handling is more responsive. Body roll is virtually eliminated from the equation, and each steering input delivers a direct and accurate response. Needless to say, if you push too hard with the traction control off, the rear wheels will slide. View the discussion thread.

Sometimes people ask me if they should buy a particular car. Someone asked me the other day if I thought they should buy a 3. Classic proportions. Small but muscular. Stunning but not showy.

The M model - the Z4 M - is powered by the S54 straight-six engine. The E85 designs were frozen on March 1, European sales began in March Initial models consisted of the roadster body style powered by a 2. The Z4 Roadster was launched in with the 2.

BMW Z4 coupe



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