How to deal with asthma

Coping With a Chronic Asthma Condition

how to deal with asthma

What Asthma Looks and Feels Like

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We respect your privacy. Here are a few ways to make life easier and safer for everyone. Familiarize yourself with their latest asthma action plan. Keep an inhaler on hand. Make some areas of the home pet-free zones. Cat and dog dander are common asthma triggers.

During an attack, the airways become swollen and inflamed. The muscles surrounding the airways simultaneously contract and produce extra mucus, causing the bronchial tubes to narrow. This makes it very difficult to breathe properly. While asthma attacks can be very serious, treating symptoms quickly at home can help prevent them from escalating. There are several home treatments that can be effective in an emergency. The caffeine in black or green tea and coffee can help treat asthma.

To rule out other possible conditions such as a respiratory infection or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD your doctor will do a physical exam and ask you questions about your signs and symptoms and about any other health problems. You may also be given lung pulmonary function tests to determine how much air moves in and out as you breathe. These tests may include:. Lung function tests often are done before and after taking a medication called a bronchodilator brong-koh-DIE-lay-tur , such as albuterol, to open your airways. If your lung function improves with use of a bronchodilator, it's likely you have asthma. To classify your asthma severity, your doctor considers your answers to questions about symptoms such as how often you have asthma attacks and how bad they are , along with the results of your physical exam and diagnostic tests. Determining your asthma severity helps your doctor choose the best treatment.

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Emergency Home Remedies for Asthma Attacks



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  1. Asthma is more common these days than it used to be. The good news is it's also a lot easier to manage and control.

  2. Effective asthma treatment requires routinely tracking symptoms and measuring how well your lungs are working. Taking an active role in managing your asthma .

  3. Sep 13, Asthma Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment of this Your doctor will give you instructions on how to track and deal with.

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