Scuola internazionale di comics roma

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scuola internazionale di comics roma

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Exhibition Event - Convention. Artexcellence of Italy. School, University, Formative Education and Work joined.
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My name is Claudia and I was born in in Rieti , a small Italian medieval town, under the Appennino range, enclosed by the nearer beautiful forests and by an evergreen landscape. Since I was a child my great passion for arts and drawing grew into me, starting by myself to express my own sensations on paper. I attended the Classics School in my town, being keen on to the ancient literatures , to Greek and Roman mythology , and in particular to the Italian art history , keeping on drawing always by my own. From october , I've also started to attend the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Rome, a professional school for illustrators. I have been a self thaught person for twentyfour years of my whole life, and in my experience I've had a lot of references that inspired me. All those things are still following me and my experience as an illustrator.

Chiara Pasqualotto was born in Padua, in northern Italy, and from the time she was in high school she has loved illustration, art, literature, film, and picture books in particular. Since she's been living in Rome and working with illustration professionally: her first picture book, Mine, All Mine! Her most recent picture book, All Eyes on Alexandra from received a positive review from Kirkus magazine. She currently teaches illustration and drawing classes to children and adults, in particular in Padua during the summer at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics and in Rome. Her artistic education is unconventional and endless, as research and deepening her knowledge and skill never end for Chiara! Then she was in drawing classes with live models: in Prague at the Academy of Fine Arts, and in Rome in a drawing class led by Riccardo Mannelli and in a weekly self-organized class.

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The international school of Comics has been established in by the eclectic designer Dino Caterini, that is the actual general manager. During the years the school has performed depth tasks at social and educational levels, by proposing courses in digital, figurative, graphic and literary arts. It has put effort into social issues by supporting cultural initiatives, no-profit organizations and by securing an alliance with other educational organizations at international level. The study method at Comics focuses on higher education and professional qualification: all the programs are updated as concerns specific fields and professional teaching. As for training sessions, students can count on audio-visual support and direct comparison with teachers.

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