Bunsen is a beast

Bunsen Is a Beast

bunsen is a beast

He is the best friend of Mikey, a human who helps him "fit in". He is the titular character of Bunsen Is a Beast. Bunsen has a very friendly, kind-hearted personality.

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The series was previewed on Nickelodeon on January 16, , and premiered on February 21, It is the 38th cartoon in the Nicktoons brand. However, a girl named Amanda Killman wants Bunsen gone so that his kind will not increase on earth. Together, the duo try to navigate through school life. The show ended roughly one year later on February 10, , after only one season due to Butch Hartman's retirement from Nickelodeon. Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Bunsen is a Beast centers on a little monster beast named Bunsen, who happens to be the first beast ever to attend a school for human kids. People have a lot of silly misconceptions about beasts - so he needs to prove to everyone that monsters can live among humans without eating them or laying eggs in their chest that explode when they hatch. But rather than living in fear of failure, Bunsen burns with optimistic enthusiasm and is determined to succeed at all costs! Butch is an incredibly prolific creator, animator, actor and producer with four Nick shows to his name: Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T. Puppy and Bunsen is a Beast. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from The Nickelodeon Writing Program. To contact the Nickelodeon Foo Program directly please email: example.

February 21st, 2017

Nickelodeon Wikis. More Nick Wikis - It revolves around a small eccentric monster named Bunsen who begins attending a middle school that previously only admitted humans.




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  1. Bunsen Is a Beast is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. It revolves around a small eccentric monster named.

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