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carmina non dant panem

What are the interventions that, at European and national level, the cultural and creative business operators warn as priorities in order to foster.

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Total: Look for latin phrases that contain: Enter the word and press "Search! Ecclesiastical term Cave ne ante ullas catapultas ambules - Be careful when walking in front of the catapults Cave ne cadas - Beware of falling Falling from a high social position Caveant consules - Consuls of the Roman Senate bewar Caveant consules ne quid detrimenti res publica capiat - Consuls take care that no harm falls to the Republic Caveat emptor - Buyer beware Legal term - Sold as is, no warranty Caveat omnia apocrypha. Et si quando ea non ad dogmatum veritatem, sed ad signorum reverentiam legere voluerit, sciat And if at any time the truth of them, not for dogmas, but out of respect, he wishes to read, let him know Malachy prophecie - He was from Naples, whose emblem features a siren. In addition, he was cardinal with the title of St.

Eugenio was born in Bisceglie, a small town which was renown in Puglia to host one the very last madhouse of the country. Following an ineluctable family tradition, Eugenio graduates in Architecture: he works as an architect, and for some decades he divides himself between Bari and Monaco where strong feelings grown adding to those for his Enrica. Nevertheless, as he retires, when putting food on the table is no longer his concern, he decides that the moment has come to do art. He starts producing artworks that are immediately welcomed and thus galvanize him for his choice: they also improve his life quality, because creating art is a far freer activity than designing buildings. In its most ordinary and immediate use like in spontaneous questions, or in simple curiosity the interrogative mark is at once a humble and courageous sign. An interrogation builds bridges whereas an exclamation often erects barriers; it sets the dynamism of dialogue against the inertia of soliloquy; it is a constant invitation to exchange, to a continuous polishing of meaning and to a relentless exploration of forms. Goethe stated that doubt grows with knowledge.

What are the interventions that, at European and national level, the cultural and creative business operators warn as priorities in order to foster the development of more effective financial support instruments? On what levers is necessary a piority intervention in order to provide to businesses a more efficient framework in order to strengthen the investments in innovation and to tow the offer? What is the role that the guarantee facility can concretely play on creative Europe loans in oder to attract more financings in favour of cultural and creative sectors? What changes in public policies could lead to more private investments and to greater solidity and capitalization of the Fund? These are the main key issues on which we interrogated ourselves in occasion of the event "Carmina non dant Panem? Since 30 of September, the European Investment Fund FEI is collecting signatures for the announcement, opened to all financial institutions interested in addressing to the cultural and creative sectors with an offer targeted and responsive to certain requirements, including a portfolio of clients with different risk profiles, multidisciplinary, multi-territory and a policy of risk management alternative to a request of real personal guarantees.

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Carl orff -Carmina Burana /Koninklijke Chorale C?cilia

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During a fairly long period of my life, for more than 20 years, freedom of press was somewhat reduced in Italy. But poets were not considered dangerous and they were advised to exercise selfcensorship. At most, poets were requested not to write at all. I took advantage of this negative liberty. I have written about five hundred poems in half a century in addition to thousands of pages of prose, because carmina non dant panem or rather they do so only with the Nobel Prize in an age when there is no longer so much need of bread.

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