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Ecco perche il Mns sceglie di sostenere le liste di Fratelli d’Italia alle europee

lega fratelli d italia

Brothers of Italy is a national-conservative political party in Italy led by Giorgia Meloni. The party For the Italian national anthem, see Fratelli d'Italia. . decided to support Franco Marini, a Democrat supported also by the PdL and Lega Nord.

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Matteo Salvini at the Brothers of Italy Youth Festival, Atreju was accompanied by Giorgia Meloni and during his speech said, "Have you ever seen a president of the Council in office wish the government fall". Yes, because Salvini feels like a premier and is so convinced that he escapes the sentence, then corrected by Enrico Mentana. There were no shortcomings about immigration "if an asylum seeker pests a policeman, I ask you the question and send you back to your country" and then reassurance on the electoral law for the Europeans, "we do not want to raise the thresholds", to please the group of Meloni. Then Salvini wanted to send a message, "I too would have preferred a center-right government", but it went as it went, "and I would redo the choice of three and a half months ago". He says Salvini, when he states that the government could be extended to Meloni, with which "we share battles and values", but not to Forza Italia. The rehearsals are the meetings of a few days ago at the top of Palazzo Grazioli and the decision of only "local agreements". Antonio Tajani is furious about it, "Salvini wants a full beat and a drunken wife".

Despite moving his party to the right, Salvini has been more successful at stealing votes from the center-right Forza Italia party than from the nationalist right. Recent polls suggest that the League could get 34 percent of the vote and the Brothers of Italy around 7 percent in a national election—both figures are close to the results in the May European Parliament elections. This means that, should Salvini decide to end the coalition with the Five Star Movement, which is struggling in the polls at around 19 percent, down from the 33 percent it won in the election that brought it to power and with which relationships are increasingly strained, together the League and Brothers of Italy could pass the threshold of 40 percent of the vote. That would effectively hand them a majority of seats in Parliament due to nuances of Italian electoral law and a 3 percent threshold to enter parliament that favors larger parties. The two parties have been allies in the past and recently ran as allies in local elections. But these voters are very attached to their independence: They would be glad to support the League as junior partners but not to merge. Most importantly, they want a leader who comes from a truly right-wing tradition.

Jump to navigation. On Sunday, Italian elections yielded the most populist, anti-establishment results seen in contemporary Europe, with 32 percent voting for the Five Star Movement and an unlikely far right and centrist coalition winning between the former governing party, Forza Italia, Fratelli d'Italia and the Lega Nord. What do these parties represent, and what do their victories mean for the country and the continent as a whole? All four of the parties that took the most votes on Sunday are decidedly populist, and the majority are openly Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant. While they have different political ideologies, they can also be seen as the end result of a long and arduous shift in Europe away from a moderate left toward a radicalized far right. Having gained notoriety by calling for the razing of Roma gypsy camps in Italy, then defending aspects of Benito Mussolini's rule, Salvini's party saw another surge in popularity following the shooting of six African immigrants by a far right extremist in early February.

Lega and Fratelli d'Italia together with the Government. Steve Bannon, "From here the revolution"

dichiarazioni “Lega-Salvini Premier”, “Forza Italia-Berlusconi Presidente” e “Fratelli d’Italia”

Election watch: Italy

President Sergio Mattarella dissolved parliament on 28 December, readying the country for what is likely to be a highly competitive legislative election. The average government lasts less than 12 months in Italy, making it the least stable democracy in the world by government turnover. The P. The next government is unlikely to be any more stable, a problem exacerbated by a new electoral law that will be used for the first time. Known as Rosatellum, after Ettore Rosato, the P.

The leader of the far-right Lega, vice-premier and interior minister Matteo Salvini, is looking to end the governing coalition with the Five Star Movement M5S. On Thursday, Salvini visited the head of government, Giuseppe Conte. He called on him and President Sergio Mattarella to put an immediate end to the government coalition and to initiate new elections. In the European elections at the end of May, the Lega had doubled its votes to 34 percent. It is currently polling around 37 percent. This party, whose roots—through various branches—go back to the National Fascist Party of Benito Mussolini, is currently polling around 7 percent. A coalition with Forza Italia, led by former head of government Silvio Berlusconi, is also under discussion.

The party, created from a split of The People of Freedom PdL in December , is the main heir of the Italian post- fascist conservative tradition that had the Italian Social Movement — and National Alliance — as its main political representatives. On 17 December, La Russa, one of the three PdL national coordinators, announced he was leaving the party in order to form "National Centre-Right", including not just right-wingers, but also Christian democrats and liberals from Forza Italia FI like Crosetto and Cossiga. La Russa's followers soon formed their own groups in most regional councils, starting with the Regional Council of Lombardy , [23] and the Senate. In the general election held in February, the party obtained 2. In December , the "National Alliance Foundation", the association in charge of administering the assets of the defunct party, authorized the FdI, supported by Alemanno and Urso, to use the logo of AN in the European Parliament election , [33] despite opposition from an alternative front composed of The Right , Future and Freedom , Tricolour Flame , I the South , New Alliance , etc. In February , the party organised a "primary" in which members and supporters agreed to change the party's name to Brothers of Italy — National Alliance , chose the new symbol including the former one of AN and voted Meloni for president. In the EP election, the FdI obtained 3.

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  1. Italy's swing to the right of the political spectrum is expected to usher in a more extremist agenda with elections just days away, experts told CNBC.

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