Parco nazionale delle dolomiti friulane

Parco Naturale Dolomiti Friulane

parco nazionale delle dolomiti friulane

The Park is included in the mountain area above the high Friuli- Venetian plain. the splendid Pianella della Madonna (Cypripedium calceolus), the Daphne.

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Further information: www. The geographical borders of the Park are the upper Valle del Tagliamento in the North and the stream Cellina in the South, Valle del Piave in the West and the Upper valleys on the orographic right side of the stream Meduna in the East. The typical landscape is the one characterizing the Prealpi Orientali with long and narrow valleys. Monfalconi mountain range, with the Campanile di Val Montanaia Val Montanaia Bell Tower , the high-altitude grasslands of "Campoross", the pastures of Malga Senons, and the quietness of the Canal of Meduna are the distinctive features of this Park. The particular orography of the territory has created quite an hostile environment and has therefore limited the impact of the human presence; at the same time, the local population has guaranteed the natural preservation of the Park. Since there are no easily accessible roads nor inhabited centers within the Park, this area is characterized by a high degree of wilderness which is rather difficult to find in other areas of the whole Alpine and Pre-alpine chain.

Its symbol is the Campanile della Val Montanaia , a spectacular m high aiguille that dominates the Montanaia Valley. It extends across an area of great geological, environmental and natural interest that is characterised by a large amount of wilderness , where thousands of wild animals live undisturbed, having found their perfect habitat here. The fauna in the Park is particularly rich thanks mainly to the various habitats within its borders: chamois, roe deer, marmots, wood grouse, black grouse, deer, alpine ibex and even golden eagles nest here. The plant life is equally diverse. As you gradually climb up from the bottom of the valley, you come to beech and larch forests and swathes of mountain pines; while at higher altitudes the meadows which are covered with a rich variety of flowers in the summer give way to rocks. Alongside the vast number of alpine flowers and shrubs rhododendrons, gentians, orchids, edelweiss, etc , the park contains some genuine endemic species, such as Arenaria huteri and Gentiana froelichii , making it an area of great botanical interest.

This system extends over the Provinces of Pordenone and Udine with a small area in the Province of Belluno. Its surface area of 21, hectares is enclosed by the river Piave, the higher reaches of the Tagliamento river and by Val Tramontina and Val Cellina. Moving from north to south you encounter mounts Cridola 2,m and the Monfalconi Cima Monfalcon 2,m peaks which include the spectacular Campanile di Val Montanaia 2,m , Spalti di Toro Cadin di Toro 2,m and the Duranno 2,m -Cima Preti 2,m chain. What makes this system special is its extensive wilderness areas. Here you can marvel at the sheer power of Mother Nature, largely untouched by human interference. Protecting the environment. Il Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti Friulane is an area of natural parkland, designated as such in to preserve and enhance the geological and natural heritage of the system.

The area, covering 37, hectares in the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, is still free of public roads. It is a wild, natural environment and home to the golden eagle. We have realised that this land is not only a natural park, recognised within our region, but also a designated World Heritage Property.
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The Park is included in the mountain area above the high Friuli- Venetian plain. The Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites is a paradise for naturalistic hiking and trekking; all activities are guaranteed by an adequate network of trails and several support structures huts — shelters, bivouacs. The territory, considered of great geological, environmental and natural interest, is characterized by a high degree of wilderness, particularly noticeable thanks to the absence of communication roads there are only a few ways of penetration into the valley and service slopes not connected among the large valleys and also difficult to find, by extension, in other areas of the Alps. Connected to the park there is also the nearby Natural Reserve of the Cellina Gorge , significant and spectacular engraving that the Cellina stream has dug in the limestone layers among Barcis, Andreis and Montereale Valcellina before its outlet in the Friulian plain. The latter can be easily identified in the Andreis area, south of Mount Raut, which determines a singular landscape. Another factor that has characterized the geomorphological aspect of the inland areas, was the widespread presence of glaciers, lasted until a few thousand years ago, in all the valleys of the pre-Alpine area.

Parco Naturale Regionale delle Dolomiti Friulane

We took the day trip from Milan operated by Zani Viaggi to visit the Dolomites. Our guide Martha was very knowledgable and professional. - In the Park territory there are some points of particular interest.

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