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Blanca Vasquez/Miss San Antonio is the secondary antagonist of Machete Kills. She was portrayed by Amber Heard. Machete Kills Edit.


Sign in. Miss San Antonio : Fuck world peace. Miss San Antonio : Watch it now Pussycat. That's not a very ladylike kinda thing to say. Luz : I don't do ladylike.

The production opens with a fake or is it? In Space! The setup is a thin plot to hang what seems like dozens of fight scenes, with newer and ever more creative ways to dispense of minor characters that are brought into the film just long enough to establish a plot point. After being coerced by the President Carlos Estevez--Google him into traveling south of the border on an important mission, Machete meets up with his handler in the Alamo City. Miss San Antonio Amber Heard is a beauty pageant contestant who just might be one of those good bad girls or vice versa.

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Even the self-sufficiency of Rodriguez having his own production facilities in Austin, Texas, seems to be yielding diminishing returns, as so much of what he has done recently feels like wandering into the backyard to idle away a day. In some ways, the worst thing to ever happen to Rodriguez as a filmmaker could be his friendship and affiliation with Tarantino. Trejo, a fantastic screen presence, has been better used as a supporting character elsewhere than as a leading man here, as his gruff charms reach their outer limits. R for strong bloody violence throughout, language and some sexual content. In wide release. About Us.

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Miss San Antonio

She was portrayed by Amber Heard. At the beginning, she starts out as Machete's handler, having been assigned by President Rathcock. She is first seen at a beauty pageant, which she wins. See then goes to her dressing room, with a letter on her flowers saying, "Keep up a good show" from "V", where Machete finds her. She tells him that in order to find Mendez, he first needs to go to Acapulco to find Cereza, a girl in a brothel run by her mother Madame Desdemona. Vasquez also shows Machete a wall of weapons, and allows him to take whatever he wants.

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