Lego star wars 3 general grievous chapter 4

How to beat grievous lego star wars

lego star wars 3 general grievous chapter 4

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - General Grievous - Chapter 4

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Chapter 5 - Rookies [] 1 []. Use a Rocket Clone to destroy the rubble in front of you; then switch to a Jedi, and use the Force to manipulate the black box with The times for each Minikit and Red Brick are There are 10 Minikits to collect in each of the levels. Usually, only two or three can be found in your first playthrough; you'll have to use your extensive character library in

How do you beat Grievous in his Lair? I have tried throwing bricks at him, throwing a lightsabre, shooting him, waiting until he is unarmed but none of it seems to. Default difficulty. Obi-wan chases general grievous down utapau where he. To attack Grievous, find the block near the front of the room and Force-throw it into Grievous. This should stun him, but you'll need the assistance of one of your Clones to damage him.

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Viceroy Nute Gunray, on route to Coruscant to face trial for his many war crimes, has made a daring getaway in a stolen Republic frigate. Together, they plan to apprehend the villainous viceroy. - Start moving up the screen, towards the mist. Stick to the left side of the pit, thanks to which you will eventually come across a ship with soldiers [1].

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Walkthrough - Grievous - Chapter 4. You'll notice some of your no-good Clones goofing off to the left, so grab your Commander and rally them up by standing next to them and pressing the Action Button when prompted to. Then, move to the gold block ahead, hold the Attack Button, focus your reticule on your golden target, and let go. After the block is destroyed, a MagnaGuard will come out and destroy your ship. Return the favor by deflecting his rockets back at him and his friend on the right side lightsaber physics aside. Next, blow up the silver block next to the door and grapple onto the new hook with a Clone.





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