Ho visto un re testo

Nick Cave, I Need You

ho visto un re testo

Ho visto un re ~ I saw a king. "I saw a king" is a famous song written by Dario Fo ( Nobel Prize in Literature in ) and Omicron (pseudonym of.

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Nick Cave, I Need You. Skeleton Tree. I saw you standing there in the supermarket. With your red dress falling and your eyes are to the ground. Con il tuo vestito rosso che cadeva e gli occhi bassi. Nothing really matters, nothing really matters.

Testo English version. Musicali S. Nuvole Ed. Universal Music Publishing Ricordi S. Piovani F.

Alas, only express himself by using the standardized artistic vehicle of literary Italian. But the initial uneasiness of this relationship pays off elsewhere, as the singer is able to convey this artistic expression of local peasant marginalization to the Italianophone public: us, the listeners. The ballad unfolds. The King, whom the narrator has seen, is unhappy—he even goes as far as crying—because the Emperor who is above him has taken away one of his thirty-two castles. The Bishop, too, was in tears, because the Cardinal above him. Presumably nearby, the Rich Man is in the same predicament: Bishop, King, and Emperor have all half-ruined him, taking away three houses and a high-rise among the thirty-two he owned. The last strophe is the one that proceeds to shed full light on the contrast between haves and have-nots.

Don't look at this photograph It's just a little kid Me I'm the one with the glass of wine Him Now that they are all gone and everything's done And the raindrops are beating like drums against my window I only wait for the rain to wash away my pain And the chalk sign of the life they carried away You of the law, you scream "go away just go away! There's nothing to be seen, nothing to be understood" I think you're wrong, my boy was only thirteen Tell me why does nobody care, tell me why does nobody see And right and wrong seem so for away.

Ho visto un re (English translation)

Ho visto un re - Enzo Jannacci - sottotitoli



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