Suzuki swift sport road test

DRIVEN: Suzuki Swift Sport

suzuki swift sport road test

Final report: Over eight months, our Suzuki Swift Sport hot hatch has been a tasty treat.

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Over the past couple of years, the price of entry into the hot hatch class has gone through the roof. So, is there any hope for budget-conscious thrill-seekers? Well, there are still a few options worth considering. You could opt for the super-cute and highly engaging VW Up GTI , or you might consider digging a bit deeper for the hugely entertaining Ford Fiesta ST , which is quite possibly the performance bargain of the century. Alternatively, occupying the middle ground is the Suzuki Swift Sport, which might just ring your performance bell as well as hit your financial sweet spot.

I spent a week in one to find out. None have a 1. The Swift Sport comes standard with inch alloy wheels wrapped with aggressive rubber, a 7. The Sport's additions certainly give it a dose of visual flair over the standard Swift range. The Swift Sport also has all of the safety refinements available elsewhere in the Swift range, read more about that in the safety section of this review. The multimedia system is rudimentary, but comes with everything you'll need.

Jump to navigation. Instant information like this used to be the preserve of Nissan Skylines and the hotter Subarus , but now you can have it in this small hot hatch. As you may have guessed by now, this is our first taste of what the new Swift Sport will be like when it arrives on our shores in spring Most notably, this new Swift Sport has a downsized engine compared with the spritely outgoing version , with that car's naturally aspirated 1. Suzuki has yet to publish performance or fuel consumption figures for the European specification Swift Sport, partly because the car is fractionally wider. There are improvements to the rest of the chassis, too.

Is this latest version of the warm hatch as exciting as its first two generations? Gone is the naturally aspirated 1,6-litre engine, replaced by a new 1,4-litre turbopetrol known as the "BoosterJet". In addition, Suzuki says it has lowered the weight of the car by some 90 kg. In an era where companies are compelled to build cars that are safer, quieter and crammed full of technology all adding mass , the claimed kerb weight of kg is a notable achievement. So far, so good, with the new Swift not putting a foot wrong. There are a number of external elements that grab your attention when you first see the car. These include the small front splitter, various bold exterior colours "Burning Red" and "Champion Yellow" stand out and the inch alloy wheels.

Suzuki Swift Sport review

By Jake Groves. We ran one as a long-termer and pretty much adored it. Can the new one keep that excitement going?

Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 review

The Swift is easy on the eye, too. Inside, the sports seats leave you feeling as tightly wrapped as a salmon roll. The heavily bolstered sides offer loads of support during hard cornering and look great, although those with a larger frame might find them a little too snug. However, other than some bits of red trim and chrome pedals, the cabin design is about as plain as a cube of rice. Yet where it lags most behind those rivals is with its infotainment system. But, on the plus side, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are fitted and respond well on the screen. Less impressively, the rear passenger space is by no means class-leading, and the tinted windows make the car feel about as spacious as a Japanese pod hotel.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2019 in-depth review - Carbuyer

New Suzuki Swift Sport (2018) review: floats like a butterfly…

The car is two inches longer than the standard Swift and half an inch lower than the previous Sport but the stand-out exterior parts are the bespoke front grille and the black details around the lower parts of the car. Rather than having to drop a gear to accelerate you can leave the Swift Sport in third or fourth gear and fling it along a twisting country road for miles. Because the engine will happily give you a burst of acceleration in these gears, it genuinely feels faster than its rather middling 7. This is thanks in part to its sheer light-footed nature; significantly lighter than its hot hatch rivals — even the smaller Up GTI — and it feels really nimble. Another wonderful thing is how easy it is to drive briskly. The steering is very good, too. One criticism of the new Swift Sport is that it feels a little too grown up — a bit too composed at times.

Now in its second generation, the Suzuki Swift Sport manages to mix effervescent performance with everyday useability. The touch-screen unit not only adds another layer of functional practicality to the warm hatch, it means the car is probably the best value offering in this segment. The way it soaks up bumps and lets you attack any road is quite simply extraordinary. Well they do, because while the Suzuki Swift Sport is vastly more refined, reliable and useable, its handling and ethos is not too dissimilar to that of those pioneering models. But the Sport's skinny kerbweight helps to keep things fairly Read more about the Swift Sport's performance here. On track you'd want something firmer, but on country lanes it's a capable setup.


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