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Who Is Sydney Driscoll On 'Pretty Little Liars'? She's Returning To Rosewood

sydney pretty little liars

Pretty Litle Liars 7x14 Clip - Sydney is Helping A.D.

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She is portrayed by Chloe Bridges. Sydney is a new member on the Rosewood High Swim Team having just transferred in. She admires Emily and her swimming talent and would like to adapt her style to suit that of Emily's. At the masquerade Ice Ball, Sydney reveals to Emily that she and Jenna believe Alison was the one who murdered Mona, though Mona turns out to be alive she still hates Ali. She later meets with Aria , and tries to get her to join them, having joined herself because she "hates to be on the losing side". Alex revealed that Sydney was a "one off" as she found out about her stealing from the bank she worked for and Sydney "fit the hoodie" for her plan against Aria.

Sydney Driscoll is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaption of the Pretty Little Liars book series, portrayed by Chloe Bridges. Driscoll is introduced as a false protagonist , only to be exposed as a member of Mona 's army and a close friend of Jenna Marshall. Sydney returns in the series' seventh season , later revealed to be a helper of "A. Marlene King stated that she had wanted Bridges for the role of Sydney for a few seasons, but waited until she would be able to cast her. The character is introduced in the fifth-season episode " Surfing the Aftershocks ", as a new swimmer at Rosewood High. She befriends Emily, who begins helping her with her swimming. Driscoll initially appears to be a sweet and soft-spoken student with an identity crisis , [6] although she's later revealed to be working against the Liars.

It seems like every character who ever graced the screen on Pretty Little Liars is coming back for the show's final season, and that includes semi-antagonist Sydney Driscoll from Season 5. She already made a brief appearance in Season 7 in disguise as Jenna, but the sneak peek for "Hold Your Piece" could hint at Sydney being involved in A. Since it's been so long since she played a part in the eternal and ongoing drama in Rosewood, some fans might need to be reminded of the shenanigans she used to get up to during her days on the show. Sydney usually acted as a Jenna lookalike whenever one was needed lookalikes are always needed in Rosewood and apparently she's still functioning as Jenna's partner in crime. In the upcoming episode, it looks like Sydney will be coming into conflict with Aria and Emily , who find out that she was the one who stole Hanna's dress design and may have been the one to shoot Spencer.

What's Up With Sydney On 'Pretty Little Liars'? She Could Be Working With Jenna Again

Sydney Driscoll is a recurring character in the series. She is portrayed by Chloe Bridges.

What Happened To Sydney On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Jenna's Best Bud May Have Tricks Up Her Sleeve

She's always been enigmatic, whether it was when she was flirting with Emily after swim practice, or twinning with Jenna at the Brew. With Rosewood's revolving door of mysterious guest characters, it can be tough to keep track of who's who ó what storylines they were part of, which characters they were allied with, etc. As fate would have it, Sydney will actually be returning to Rosewood for Season 7B ó so it's important to get back in touch with the character before she starts acting all mysterious and suspicious again. So, starting from the top? Sydney was first introduced back in Season 5. She arrived on the show to much heralding ó showrunner I.

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  1. Biography. Sydney is a new member on the Rosewood High Swim Team having just transferred in. She admires Emily and her swimming talent and would like.

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