Mirror glaze cake ricetta

Colored Mirror Glaze

mirror glaze cake ricetta

Strawberry Mousse Mirror Glaze Cake Recipe

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Mirror glaze cakes have taken the internet by storm, and I decided it was about time that I try making one!! While we may think using a mirror glaze is a new technique or decoration, traditional pastry chefs have been doing mirror glazed for decades. Traditional mirror glaze recipes can seem complicated! However, at the base of every mirror glaze recipe, sugar and gelatin are the key ingredients. Most recipes heat the mixture to allow the gelatin to dissolve and combine with the other ingredients. The glaze is then allowed to cool a bit being poured over a chilled cake. A lot of what gives the mirror glaze its shine is it being poured at the right temperature, which is around degrees F.

Estimated values based on one serving size. I had to re-glaze like 4 times I have made this recipe twice and it worked brilliantly! If you divide the recipe by 4, you end up needing 3,75 sheets of gelatin. On my first try I used 4 sheets, which was a bit too much, on the second try I used 3,5 and that was perfect.

Those cake finishes that should be on a wall for you to look at yourself in. Super-glossy, bright colors, almost too pretty to eat. After plenty of painstaking hours of testing recipes and half-assed finishes, I finally mastered the shimmering sweet skill. You can use this glazing technique on just about anything, but it certainly works best for cakes in the entremet category. Entremets are French cakes that are traditionally multi-layered and covered in a mousse mixture.

Mirror glaze cakes are all the trend right now and Matt has kindly shared his Mirror Glaze recipe, and a handful of top tips so you can have a go at home! With this mirror glaze recipe, you can use any colour you fancy, be as creative as you want and try different designs.
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Estimated values based on one serving size. First attempt ever- 1 Start prep 2 days before serving! Give 24hrs for each freeze step 2 Use high quality ingredients - i. This was so much harder than it seemed. It took me two days to complete and I had a lot of problems with it. Also, the white chocolate was extremely expensive and the tools needed to make the cake all cost a lot of money.

Mirror Glaze

Easy Mirror Glaze Recipe

Inspired by tasty. I totally recommend this recipe to anyone! I made this with chocolate mousse filling. Also dipped the end of different piping tips into silver edible glitter and splattered with white food coloring. I used powdered gelatine instead of sheets. Also, make sure that the temp of the glaze is more around 32 Celsius and then I threw it in the freezer to make sure it set properly! We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic.







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  1. Mirror glaze is a stunning technique to decorate mousse cakes, entremets, and pastries.

  2. Mirror cake glaze is a shiny cake made by pouring a delicious chocolate sugar glaze that has gelatin in it over a frozen cake, called an entremet (oooh so french) .

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