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king arthur hans zimmer

This must be the last really great score by HZ. After this, he went into his 'artist phase' (Brian Eno, Paul McCartney - they all have these phases and they all.


Some for good reasons, some for how hard it was to cross the finish line. We actually moved to London for 6 weeks to finish this score. We set up studios in all the spare rooms we could find at Air Studios in Hamstead. Myself and a team of people built make shift writing suites in the photo copy room above the Cantina, in old dub rooms, anywhere we could fit. We had to employ a woman's touch to spruce up the rooms, give them some vibe. So we made up a budget, like pounds or something, and sent some staff from Air off to buy candles and drapes and pillows, anything to help vibe up the rooms. Antoine Fuqua the director and Jerry Bruckheimer would come in, sit on the dusty couches and listen to cues.

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Original Review by Jonathan Broxton. Zimmer only lets it shine in brief, so-near-and-yet-so-far snippets, which tantalise the listener into wondering what this score could have been, if only…. The meandering male voice choir, once so fresh and vibrant in Crimson Tide, is long past its sell-by date. His irritating habit of having every instrument play the same note at the same time gives the illusion of strength and power, but loses a lot in depth. And, even more confoundingly, Zimmer occasionally replaces live instruments with synthesised stand-ins — making the final result sound unfinished, or hurried, or both. The major problem with King Arthur is that, for all its war drums and portentous choirs and throbbing brasses, it never really does much. The score is more about rhythm and texture and creating the illusion of grandeur than any kind of orchestral intricacy or compositional excellence.

Since Alan Jay Lerner wrote the libretto for the Broadway musical Camelot in , presentations of the legend of King Arthur and the Round Table have tended to focus, as that version did, on the romantic triangle between Arthur, his queen Guinevere, and the knight Lancelot. Director Antoine Fuqua's film King Arthur, however, which was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer , who is known for big-budget action movies, is more interested in war than love; the three principals are shown on the poster and cover of the soundtrack CD in battle garb with weapons in their hands -- even Guinevere, who brandishes a bow and arrow. Prolific composer Hans Zimmer , then, has little reason to ape Frederick Loewe 's stately Camelot music. Instead, he comes up with some typical epic movie scoring, meant to accompany grand armies sweeping through the landscape. The strings soar with anthem-like and occasionally portentous melody, a choir voices alarm or anticipation, and there is plenty of work for the timpanists, augmented by drum programming, to reflect those pounding hooves and marching feet. But there is also another register.

King Arthur – Hans Zimmer

Write your own comment here in english please This zone is only to post comment, not to ask for CD downloading, copying or trading! Each comment can be possibly edited or deleted to ensure it is suitable for public presentation., However, the pool of tunes that are being played all the time is actually rather small. I had my personal revelation in this regard when I recently heard a beautiful Zimmer piece and only found out afterwards that it was actually from the King Arthur soundtrack which I had never heard about before.

King Arthur [Original Score]

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German-born film composer Hans Zimmer uses a mix of live orchestra and synthesizer that exhibits the bombast of Gustav Mahler and Anton Bruckner combined. This recipe of full-bodied elements targets the heartstrings with an overload of percussion and throbbing "Zimmer-bass. It is music that gets the blood pumping. Unfortunately, this effort is a bit light on ideas. The dirge of timpani gives the cut remarkable force and an intoxicating hook.








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  1. Hans Zimmer - King Arthur With Hans Zimmer's rock star status in the film music world and beyond, it is hardly surprising that his music gets a.

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