Maria de filippi c è posta per te


maria de filippi c è posta per te

witness Emma Marrone singer Miguel Bose and her friend Maria De Filippi of iron to the transmission of Maria De Filippi "c ' e posta per te".

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The pair, which in Italy is only entered in the register of de facto unions, would intend to formalize the promise even in Spain next year. After months of gossip about Titian and Miguel finally the two artists decided to come out. Tiziano Ferro had already made clear in the past about being in love with Miguel and had spoken to him in Spanish broadcast Tele Cinco "Hay una cosa que te quiero decir" Spanish version of "you've got mail" carried out in Italy by Maria De Filippi. Titian had in fact revealed that two years lived a very happy love story with a very famous man in Italy but, probably to avoid headlines, had preferred not to reveal the name adding that in Italy, unfortunately, it is not yet possible to declare his homosexuality lightly while he, unlike so many failed to fight his ghosts and get out. In that occasion, probably helped by the fact to converse with someone who went through his own difficulties in exposure, il divo was confirmed to be happy and in love.

Ce posta per te, Anna rifiuta il figlio e umilia Maria De Filippi

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