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metal gear solid otacon

Dr. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich was the chief engineer of Metal Gear REX. He became a close friend of Solid Snake after Snake rescued him during the Shadow.

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Hal Emmerich known primarily by his alias "Otacon" is the general deuteragonist of the Solid Snake side of the Metal Gear series. He is Solid Snake's best friend and Sunny Emmerich 's guardian. His father forced him into a giant robot called "Metal Gear Sahelanthropus" which caused his mother to send him away, which resulting in his father trapping her in an AI pod which resulting in her suffocating to death. He was later reunited with his son and he remarried a British woman named Julie Danziger. Hal and Emma became very close, and Emma developed an infatuation.

Emmerich was born on August 6, , the day of the Hiroshima bombing, as the son of a scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project. He was born a paraplegic, unable to walk because his spine was abnormally shaped, and thus confined to a wheelchair. Although he used to respect his father because his research had saved American lives, his respect decreased significantly during the fifth grade when a Japanese transfer student showed him photos of what happened in Hiroshima after the bomb hit. While working with Strangelove, Emmerich was given the nickname "Huey. Emmerich met and became colleagues with Soviet scientist Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin , supporting Granin's bipedal tank theory by writing a paper that was criticized. In September , Granin intended to send designs for such a weapon to Emmerich in the United States, after funding for its development was cut. A photograph of Granin left and Emmerich right , displayed in the former's office.

Emma Emmerich-Danziger , nicknamed E. She was the stepsister of Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. When she was young, Emma lived with her stepbrother, stepfather and mother , and was very happy, sharing a close relationship with her stepbrother. As neither she nor Hal had any close friends growing up, they would play "house" and pretend to be husband and wife. Emma was scarred by the experience and developed an intense aquaphobia. Hal left home following the incident, and Emma blamed him for abandoning the family when they needed him the most.

After the events of Metal Gear Solid , he helped Solid Snake form Philanthropy , a group whose main objective is to prevent proliferation of Metal Gear -type weapons. Snake and Otacon infiltrate the military installations and facilities of the world, delving into their compounds through stealth and cyber hacking. In a sense, Snake is the brawn and Otacon is the brains behind "Philanthropy. A devoted fan of anime , Hal's chosen nickname is the short form of the Otaku Convention, with reference to Otakon held in Washington, D. The name "Hal" is a direct reference to the computer HAL from the film A Space Odyssey , one of several references to the film which is present in Metal Gear Solid ; in the Otacon ending of the game, Hal and Snake make direct comparisons to the film.


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