Jimmy carter confederate flag

Jimmy Carter: 'Very few' see Confederate flag as racist symbol

jimmy carter confederate flag

Watch South Carolina remove the Confederate flag from state capitol

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Joseph Crespino does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. In , Mississippians voted two-to-one in favor of keeping the flag. The year before, flag defenders in South Carolina worked out a deal that removed the flag from above the State Capitol dome, but placed it in an arguably more prominent position, atop a Confederate memorial in front of the Capitol. High-ranking Republicans in Mississippi have issued similar calls to remove the emblem from the Mississippi state flag.

Carter said he received a White House briefing on Tuesday to discuss details of the agreement. He said it provides "fallback" to detect any violations and enforce terms of the deal. The Iranian hostage crisis dominated Carter's campaign for a second term in the White House. He was defeated by Republican Ronald Reagan. In a new book "A Full Life" released this month, Carter writes that the crisis made him vulnerable to attacks labeling him ineffective and called his final year in office "the most stressful and unpleasant" of his life. Carter commended South Carolina officials' recent vote to remove a Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse grounds and said other states should do the same on government property.

The appearance of a Confederate Flag at a Tea Party rally at the White House drew appropriately sharp responses online todayŚnot to mention a schizophrenic array of defenses: To some online rightists, the rebel flag was a liberal plant; to others, critics who said there was something troubling about Confederate imagery at a protest against a black president were the real racists, since the flag was about heritage and not racism. In fact, a flag waved in tribute to the history of the Old South would be very appropriate at the molten core of today's Tea Party right. In February, Sam Tanenhaus plumbed the 19th century Southern roots of the 21st century GOP for an essay about the Republicans' emergence as "the party of white people. The true problem, as yet unaddressed by any Republican standard-bearer, originates in the ideology of modern conservatism. When the intellectual authors of the modern right created its doctrines in the s, they drew on nineteenth-century political thought, borrowing explicitly from the great apologists for slavery, above all, the intellectually fierce South Carolinian John C. This is not to say conservatives today share Calhoun's ideas about race.

Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday that "very few people" now see the Confederate flag as a racist symbol, but that it should still be "done away with" out of respect for those who do still see it negatively. Carter made his comments in an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, and they come amidst an ongoing debate both state- and nation-wide about the appropriate place of Confederate symbols in public life. Tapper asked Carter if he were Georgia's governor now, would he move to change the state's Confederate license plates and the state flag, which is closely modeled on the original flag of the Confederac y. Later in the interview, Tapper asked if there were times during Carter's governorship in the '70s where he feels he hedged on the Confederate symbolism. Carter, who is on a media tour promoting his newest book , didn't address either question completely, instead focusing on his own anti-racist stances as a politician and on the "courageous" work of former Gov. Roy Barnes. See the clip here.

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  1. Former President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that the idea that Americans should honor racism with the Confederate flag is similar to a disease.

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