Happy birthday happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday to You

happy birthday happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday song

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The song "Happy Birthday to You" has become a classic, sung at birthday parties around the world. But the song did not start out as an ode to the annual celebration of birthdays, and the song's writers didn't originally get credit. It's been translated into at least two dozen languages. Here's the story behind the "Happy Birthday to You" song. Hill and Patty Smith Hill Patty was a schoolteacher who developed the Patty Hill blocks which were building blocks used as educational tools.

A fun tradition in families all over the world, it's always nice to hear someone sing you a 'happy birthday' song. To start off simply, let's learn how to sing the basic "Happy Birthday" song in German. It's very easy because you only need to learn two lines the first line repeats, just like in English and you will use the same tune as you would sing in English. Although the English version of "Happy Birthday to You" remains the most common song heard at German birthday parties, this song is just as popular. It is one of the few German birthday songs to gain widespread popularity in German-speaking countries.

I teach kindergarten and 1st grade looping, with the same class for two years at Central Park East 2, a public school in East Harlem, New York. I work with a paraprofessional named Vesna, who was also at the table. It was around 8 a. When I was growing up, that was the birthday song my white, English-speaking family sang; it was what I knew. Later, he told me he wanted to sing this song to me for my birthday. That interaction at breakfast stayed with me for days.

The song's base lyrics have been translated into at least 18 languages. Hill in , [3] [4] although the claim that the sisters composed the tune is disputed. Patty Hill was a kindergarten principal in Louisville, Kentucky , developing various teaching methods at what is now the Little Loomhouse ; [6] her sister Mildred was a pianist and composer. None of the early appearances of the "Happy Birthday to You" lyrics included credits or copyright notices. When the U. Supreme Court upheld the Act in Eldred v. The person whose birthday is being celebrated is filled in for "[NAME]".

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