Il bambino col fucile

Guitar Il bambino col fucile, Francesco Gabbani, Nelson Mandela forum di Firenze Chords

il bambino col fucile

Il bambino col fucile, a song by MINACELENTANO on Spotify.

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History is filled with successful individuals who come from many different walks of life. The people at the center of these stories have followed their own unique path and utilized the available resources they had at their disposal. He was born in the comune of Carrara, located on the coastal periphery within the northern region of Tuscany, on Sept. Francesco grew up in a musical environment as his parents were the proprietors of the only music store in the world-famous marble-producing area. Understandably, he was exposed to and immersed in the fertile, melodic ambiance that surrounded him. By age four, he displayed an intense fondness for the drums but quickly realized that he would be better served by studying a harmonic instrument that would allow him to better express his ideas and emotions in compositional pieces.

Italian legend artists Mina and Celentano are respectively 77 and 79 years old. This new collaboration between these ultimate disc sellers is the sequel of Mina Celentano released in , selling an astounding 1,5M copies in Italy. Hard to believe these strong voices are so clear and perfectly placed despite being so aged. Various composers from old and new generation have understood the jazzy, pop and groove influences of Mina and Celentano. Mina and Celentano show insane groove here, singing with more energy than most of the young singers, Adriano Celentano even rapping in one song. A lively track again, both singers arguing and crooning for the best. Non Mi Ami and Sono Le Tre are smooth and cool, the former using accordion in a jazzy ambiance, the second one relying on piano and organ.

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The first single "Amami amami" was released on October 21, Le migliori was the best-selling album in in Italy. In March , rumors began in the Italian press of another collaboration between Adriano Celentano and Mina following their successful album Mina Celentano. Celentano himself hinted at the possibility when he posted a message on his blog to congratulate Mina on her 75th birthday. At the time of the announcement, the album was scheduled to be released in the spring of The album's title comes from a quote by Celentano on his blog speaking of their collaboration, meaning " we are the best ones".

The album will be released on Friday. Some 18 years after their first album together, the two legends of Italian music have been reunited in a spirit of friendship. Pop music of a somewhat self-referential style is seen throughout, starting from the first single - 'Amami Amami', the end of which recalls 'Storia d'Amore'. The 11 previously unpublished songs - plus two that have been set aside for the time being but will be released in - bring together such well-known names as Andrea Mingardi 'E' l'Amore' and Toto Cutugno 'Ti Lascio Amore' , as well as new songwriters that reinterpret the meeting between the two: Mondo Marcio and Pietro Paletti, with a mixture between spaghetti western, reggae and salsa styles. The final song is a cover of 'Prisencolinensinainciusol'.

To your footnote: In Italian definite articles mean indefinite articles in English. For example : "Preparo dei biscotti con le mandorle" means "I prepare bisquits with almonds. Missing background voices were added to the last stanza and a missing stanza was also added - please check your translation for updates. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation. Login Registration Sign In.

Mina and Celentano release new album

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Francesco Gabbani - A late bloomer blessed with immense creativity and talent



Il Bambino Col Fucile




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  1. Translation of 'Il bambino col fucile' by MinaCelentano (Mina Anna Mazzini, Adriano Celentano) from Italian to English.

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