Yacht club costa smeralda

Founder of Porto Cervo’s Yacht Club Costa Smeralda honoured at World Superyacht Awards 2019

yacht club costa smeralda

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda compie 50 anni

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Porto Cervo, 24 August The Yacht Club runs regattas during the summer season and offers exclusive services to its members, their guests and yacht owners in Porto Cervo. The Yacht Club Costa Smeralda has promoted international challenges such as Azzurra - the first Italian challenger for the America's Cup in - which became an Italian sporting icon and was relaunched by the Club in Azzurra continues to participate in the international TP52 circuit with excellent results and in the fourth Azzurra hull was launched. In the Club launched the motor yacht Destriero, which to this day holds the transatlantic crossing record set in the same year. In the YCCS celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation, an important milestone which was marked with the launch of an environmental project aimed at promoting the safeguard of marine environments and from which the One Ocean Foundation was born. Animato dalla continua ricerca per l'innovazione e l'eccellenza, lo YCCS ha inaugurato nel gennaio del una nuova sede a Virgin Gorda dove gestisce una marina per superyacht.

Lo Yacht Club organizza regate durante la stagione estiva e offre ai propri soci, ai loro ospiti e agli armatori servizi pregiati presso la struttura di Porto Cervo. Lo Yacht Club Costa Smeralda ha promosso sfide a livello internazionale con Azzurra, il primo scafo italiano a partecipare alla America's Cup nel , divenuto un simbolo dello sport italiano e rilanciato dallo YCCS nel Nel , lo YCCS ha inoltre varato il motoryacht Destriero, che detiene tuttora il record di traversata atlantica a motore ottenuto quell'anno. Animato dalla continua ricerca per l'innovazione e l'eccellenza, lo YCCS ha inaugurato nel gennaio del una nuova sede a Virgin Gorda dove gestisce una marina per superyacht. Page is loading Azzurra News Links yccs app.

While staying in a private house in Leverick Bay in June , we were picked up by boat for lunch arranged the prior day with Joan, the bartender, when we wandered over from Fat Virgin. We arrived at am and stayed till after 6pm! We had a wonderful lunch served by the pool, relaxed in the luxury of the cushioned chairs under umbrellas, sat in the infinity pool, enjoyed cocktails all day One of our friends preferred to sit inside the air conditioned parlor with his book- and was equally happy. We were treated like royalty and waited on hand and foot. An absolutely beautiful view.

A goal that speaks of history, values and innovative forces that have made in the past and will make in future the Yacht Club a keystone in the international yachting landscape. With these words, the commodore of the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club, Riccardo Bonadeo, expresses all its happiness for the celebration of the 50 years of foundation. It was and the bay of Porto Cervo - so it was already called in the toponymy of the official nautical charts - began to attract the lovers of such incredible bay and its sea, which I consider one of the most spectacular in the Mediterranean. Back then, we were a few pioneers, pure dreamers Prince Aga Khan's words are so romantic and enlighten an indissoluble love for Sardinia: the result is Porto Cervo, a precious jewel in the world of sailing. The elite members that chose the magic of Porto Cervo want fully live this charming place, knowing very well the thousand reasons why one should also consider to buy a villa in Costa Smeralda. This summer the agenda is full of appointments that will give even more shine to the sailing excellence of the coast.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS)

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda



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  1. He was honoured for his discovery and development of the Costa Smeralda region, near Porto Cervo , on the north east portion of Sardinia in the sixties.

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