Canto paolo e francesca

The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Canto V

canto paolo e francesca

Roberto Benigni Paolo e Francesca


La bufera infernal, che mai non resta, mena li spirti con la sua rapina; voltando e percotendo li molesta. Amor condusse noi ad una morte. Queste parole da lor ci fuor porte. Noi leggiavamo un giorno per diletto di Lancialotto come amor lo strinse; soli eravamo e sanza alcun sospetto. There standeth Minos horribly, and snarls; Examines the transgressions at the entrance; Judges, and sends according as he girds him. I say, that when the spirit evil-born Cometh before him, wholly it confesses; And this discriminator of transgressions. Seeth what place in Hell is meet for it;10 Girds himself with his tail as many times As grades he wishes it should be thrust down.

She was a historical contemporary of Dante Alighieri , who portrayed her as a character in the Divine Comedy. While in Rimini , she fell in love with Giovanni's younger brother, Paolo. Though Paolo, too, was married, they managed to carry on an affair for some ten years, until Giovanni ultimately surprised them in Francesca's bedroom some time between and , killing them both. In the first volume of The Divine Comedy , Dante and Virgil meet Francesca and her lover Paolo in the second circle of hell, reserved for the lustful. Here, the couple are trapped in an eternal whirlwind, doomed to be forever swept through the air just as they allowed themselves to be swept away by their passions.

Dante and Virgil now descend into the Second Circle of Hell, smaller in size than the First Circle but greater in punishment. They see the monster Minos, who stands at the front of an endless line of sinners, assigning them to their torments. The sinners confess their sins to Minos, who then wraps his great tail around himself a certain number of times, indicating the number of the circle to which the soul must go. Dante and Virgil pass into a dark place in which torrential rains fall ceaselessly and gales of wind tear through the air. The souls of the damned in this circle swirl about in the wind, swept helplessly through the stormy air. These are the Lustful—those who committed sins of the flesh. Dante asks Virgil to identify some of the individual souls to him; they include many of great renown, including Helen, for whose sake the Trojan War was fought, and Cleopatra.

Starbynary - Paolo e Francesca (Canto V) Lyrics: Thus I descended down to the second (circle) Here it comes Minos, the infernal judge Dante and Virgilio.
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In this Canto, Dante enters the second circle of the Inferno, where he finds the souls of those who committed crimes of lust, amongst whom are Paolo and Francesca. So allow me to give you a brief introduction to the main protagonists. Francesca da Rimini , the daughter of Guido da Polenta , Lord of Ravenna in the region of Emilia Romagna , was forced by her father to marry Gianciotto , son of Malatesta , Lord of Rimini, a man of extraordinary courage, but physically deformed. Caught in flagrante adulterio having adulterous relations , Paolo and Francesca were both killed by the enraged Gianciotto. Click on the video below to listen to a version sung by the Italian mezzo-soprano Anna Bonitatibus. Cary, —

While Purgatory and Paradise are embedded with theological and philosophical considerations, Inferno is a testimony of the political corruption at that time. Italy was the battlefield for the political fights between the Pope and the Emperor. Dante is aware that unless humanity achieves spiritual redemption, his world will be forever lost in the wood of sins and corruption. Each girone the circle that constitutes Hell introduces characters that embed a specific characteristic of the dominant imaginary that needs to be criticised. The only exception can be found in Canto V chapter V , in which — only on this occasion- Dante took pity of two condemns: Paolo and Francesca di Rimini. While living together, Paolo and Francesca fell in love.

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