Peg perego duo fix tt

Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix TT Black DX13 DP53

peg perego duo fix tt

Viaggio 0+ / 1 Switchable

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Producer: Peg Perego See other products of this brand. Quick contact. About Us Contact Us. Sign in or sign up. EUR Delivery destination: Belgium. Contact us Why babyaisle? Layette for newborn.

For Peg Perego car safety is an unquestionable priority. The car seat is Group 1 approved and suitable for children from kg (from 1 to around 4 years).
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Viaggio1 Duo-Fix TT is the Group 1 approved car seat designed for children weighing 9 kg 1 - 4 years. Available in various collections and the exclusive Alcantara version. A soft, elegant, resistant and long-lasting fabric. The perfect solution for those who want stress-free safety. With just one click, you can be sure that your car seat is positioned in the best way possible. Simplicity and easy attachment make Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix TT ideal for use in a second vehicle or by grandparents.

Peg-Perego child seat Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix K Rouge

Peg-Perego Viaggio 1 Duo-Fix K TT - -

Baby car seat Peg Perego Viaggio 1 Duofix K TT (review)

Ever since we needed to change our very first car seat for Ren, with a larger one, we already did several roadtrips, meaning we can now do a reliable review for our choice. We were on the road by car for 2 months and we sure needed the extra space. Being very satisfied with both baby strollers, we decided not to change the Peg Perego brand and that is why we again ended with the the Peg Perego car seat. We first put a shine on the Viaggio via , as we wanted a car seat that we could use until Ren needs one. This car seat is shaped to be used from the age of 1 to


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