Fun factory share xl

Fun Factory Share XL Strapless Double Dildo -

fun factory share xl

SHARE XL – the big brother of SHARE. a little extra; A stimulating bulb with extra grooves for G-spot fun; A large, ridged shaft for the receiver who wants more.

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Fun Factory have made this double dildo bigger and with thick, stimulating ridges all the way along it for both the active and passive user. This double dildo is the ideal toy for pairs who love to experiment and break taboos, not to mention enjoy exciting adventures. The shorter end of this passionate twosome is made for women. It sits right where it should and stays there — better than any other comparable couple toy on the market. The longer end pleasures the playmate. Perfect hold, a slightly curved tip and a flexible consistency guarantee on-target stimulation. This makes a good toy for a female couple or a male and female couple if he likes it anally - no need for harnesses and the feeling the active person gets is the closest thing they can feel to having a willy!

When I first laid eyes on it I knew I would have to have it. Now, nearly two years later, I finally get to share 01 with you the excellence that is the Share XL. There are quite a few other products designed to do the same thing, but this is by far my favorite. It is shaped as all of the Share line—which, in addition to the XL and original also includes the XS —each has a dildo 02 end connected to a curved internal bulb the same size and shape on all three via a very curved connection. This is one of my favorite features: the curved connection and therefore way it sits. The deep curve enables the base of the dildo to sit against the mons and in front of the clit, rather than sticking out at an angle from the vaginal opening area. This is important because it gives so much better control and leverage.

They are gentle to the body, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. The larger proportions and the thrilling structuring set it apart from its namesake and make SHARE XL the perfect companion for all devotees of really deep and diverse sensations. If you like to be completely taken by storm and love the feeling of intense penetration, you and, of course, your partner will have lots of fun with the SHARE XL. The structured end of this double dildo is longer and where there are stimulating ridges also wider than SHARE. These additional bulges heighten the excitement and deliver thrilling, surprising effects. The active side in this love game vaginally inserts the shorter part and pleasures her partner with the longer end.

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Fun Factory Share XL

The soft high quality silicone makes insertion and stimulation a sensual and easy experience. They are gentle to the body, easy to care for and hypoallergenic. - You can purchase this product on PriceCheck's Marketplace by clicking on "Buy Now" and completing the payment form.

Share XL by Fun Factory


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SHARE XL – the big brother of SHARE. DILDOS from FUN FACTORY, are flexible without compromising on the necessary firmness. They are gentle to the.
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