Red bull f1 milton keynes

Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

red bull f1 milton keynes

Top Gear BBC Behind the scenes - F1 cars in Milton Keynes

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MK-7 is designed to provide a stimulating space in which to work and have fun. For larger groups, or purely for its wow factory, our museum area that houses are complete car collection is exclusively available to you and your guests. With a state-of-the-art AV wall, the display area is guaranteed to grab the audience's attention and give any event, from conference presentations to gala dinners maximum impact. Enquire now? This is where our path to success is shaped, where the vision of creating the world's quickest and most competitive cars comes to life, and where in an intensely focused environment of constant innovation and evolution, our competitive drive that make our impressive, high-tech factory event spaces the perfect venue for your event.

Possibly our most famous partnership is with Red Bull Racing, in which we provide the fuels and lubricants used by its Formula 1 Grand Prix Team. Red Bull Technology is looking to recruit a talented Engineering Software Developer to develop and support its range of bespoke in-house analysis tools. Putting Red Bull values at the forefront of everything we do, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing prides itself on pushing the boundaries, being non-conformist andů. For many fans of formula one, the sport exists between lights and chequered flag on a Sunday afternoon. It begins and ends with the exploits of the drivers onů. Red Bull Racing, Last. Deli Chef required at prestigious Baxterstorey location in Milton Keynes.

Formula One is the fastest, most exciting, most alluring, most impossibly brilliant sport to be involved with. It is glamour at two hundred miles an hour, magic in an aerodynamically efficient package. It bestrides the world and makes its way into millions of homes on every inhabited continent. It's the stuff dreams are made of, mighty and magnificent to behold. Red Bull Racing has grown beyond recognition since our humble beginnings at the end of but our factory remains the beating heart of the team. While most definitely not the glamorous side of racing, this is where long hours and hard work produce the cars that make all of that stuff possible. It houses design upstairs and initial manufacturing in the workshops below.

From the outside, Formula One cars are sleek, smooth, aerodynamically refined and very fast. Beneath that shiny exterior lie mini pieces of engineering ingenuity, each component playing its part in ensuring speed and reliability. The cars are designed, created and crafted in Milton Keynes and then raced around the world. Racing Gold has taken the spirit of the Formula One team and moulded them into intriguing, beautiful and modern sculptures which retain the essence of their racing pedigree while being re-born as practical works of art. From lights fashioned from aerodynamic elements to mirrors which take their DNA from the discs which scrubbed the speed off the car's wheel, the part of the team collection breathes into each new life, form and function. They'll also be one hell of a talking point in any room.

Albon replaces Gasly at Red Bull Racing

TopGear filming - F1 Cars - Milton Keynes - RedBull, Lotus and Williams




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  1. You are invited to the prestigious Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team factory at Milton Keynes to learn about what goes into crafting a Formula One challenger and how the team continually strive to develop it.

  2. We do our bit from an industrial estate in Milton Keynes. Red Bull Racing has grown beyond recognition since our humble beginnings at the.

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