Best sword and sorcery films

Sword-and-Sorcery Movies:

best sword and sorcery films

Sword & Sorcery films often (though not always) share certain common .. Rivaling Excalibur as the best Arthurian film yet produced, this is.

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Lee Horsley saves the damsel in distress, fights the tyrannical ruler and evil magician, and rallies the good guys in The Sword and the Sorcerer. Fantasy movies of the late s and early 80s with lots of swords and sorcery, where the good guys always won? Remember how most of these movies were actually pretty bad, if you were honest about it, but you dearly loved them anywayand probably still do? For many of us of certain age, and the young hipsters enjoying them for a pure whiff of nostalgia, these sword-and-sorcery films hold a special, permanent place in the heart. Why do we still love them if they were so bad?

Thank you! I realize I may have a research addiction and probably included too much in this article, but I had so much fun writing it. Saturday, December 1, s Sword and Sorcery Films. I caught it on television sometime in in my early teens. I first thought it was a Conan rip off I later learned that it came out the same year , but it completely shattered my expectations. I knew then and there that it was everything I wanted in a movie: action, sword fighting, quests, courageous animals, inexplicably terrifying flying creatures, dastardly villains, etc. Hopefully this explains why I am going to spend the next month writing about s sword and sorcery films.

Because I knew you all were wondering but were too afraid to ask, I decided to put together my top five favorite sword and sorcery movies and talk a little bit about what makes each one special. Instead, I chose from that sub-genre of fantasy that features you guessed it swords and sorceries and focuses more on action and adventure than on drama or comedy or romance. The list is arranged from fifth favorite to first:. Arthurian legends are rich with the material that makes for great fantasy movies. There are knights, castles, mythological beasts and heroic quests.

Advertise with Us. Remember Me? The Rules. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Considering the popularity of fantasy genre fiction and the huge success of LoTR and GoT there have been surprisingly few attempts at quality or even knock-off fantasy films.

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My Top Five Favorite Sword and Sorcery Films

A couple of weekends ago, after a vigorous night of drinking and carrying on, I found myself idly scanning the cable channels, looking for something to help me fall asleep before the spinning walls caught up with me. The movie had been on for 20 minutes. I watched the entire remainder of it, fascinated and strangely enjoying myself. Is it the impractical weaponry? The abysmal acting?

Sword and Sorcery is a sub-genre of Fantasy. The stories always have a hero or an anti-hero , a villain and a quest. Dungeons and Dragons , the game, got big in the late 70s and early 80s and helped create a market for the Sword and Sorcery film genre. Keep in mind, none of these films are great movies. I like them because I like them.

Sword and sorcery is a subgenre of fantasy fiction often associated with the writing of Conan scribe Robert E. Typically, sword and sorcery stories center around sword-wielding heroes on quests. These tales often have an earthiness to them, feature magical elements, and follow protagonists that are somewhat self-motivated, rather than simply acting for the greater good of society. Fantasy films with strong sword and sorcery themes had a short-lived resurgence in the late '70s and early '80s, particularly following the success of Conan the Barbarian in These films were often cheesy, low-budget, and horribly acted, which, historically, is the perfect formula to attract a cult film fan base. Were these movies great works of art? Absolutely not.

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While most Sword and Sorcery movies are fantasy, not all fantasy movies While not a massive success on release, the film has gone on to.
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