We are number one nazi

Adolf Hitler

we are number one nazi

Basically a filler vid lol Original here: 2016risksummit.org?v= 1NNoi8fl0tU.

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Nearly 18 months after Charlottesville, mass movement, membership-based neo-Nazism is on the decline. In , neo-Nazis were driven to further corners of the internet by activists and journalists via doxing and deplatforming. The movement is also divided over which organizational structure, mass-movement or cell-based, best facilitates their goals. Groups like Atomwaffen Division AWD have embraced the primarily underground cell structure favored by groups more openly terroristic. Mass movement groups like the National Socialist Movement continue to present themselves to the public via rallies and quasi-political platforms. Traditionalist Worker Party, once an active and influential neo-Nazi hate group, disbanded after a bizarre love triangle among top leadership was revealed. The League of the South dropped out of the Nationalist Front in August, leaving that coalition dead in the water.

Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany from to , serving as dictator and leader of the Nazi Party , or National Socialist German Workers Party, for the bulk of his time in power. As a child, Hitler clashed frequently with his emotionally harsh father, who also didn't approve of his son's later interest in fine art as a career. Following the death of his younger brother, Edmund, in , Hitler became detached and introverted. Hitler showed an early interest in German nationalism, rejecting the authority of Austria-Hungary. This nationalism would become the motivating force of Hitler's life. Two years later, Adolf's mother allowed her son to drop out of school. After her death in December , Hitler moved to Vienna and worked as a casual laborer and watercolor painter.

When a KKK-endorsed alleged sexual assaulter can be elected to the White House, many are rightfully fearful. People of colour are increasingly worried about the normalisation of racism. Many once thought racism would get no further than the lips of a racist relative or a poorly-worded Facebook post. Now these views are entering the Oval Office and federal buildings , given weight by chants and placards and verified Twitter accounts. It could be said that seeing a prominent representative of racist views being punched brings catharsis in a world that appears to be slouching toward Nazism.

Their billionaire descendants, who control Krispy Kreme, Stumptown and other brands, are grappling with the exposure of an unspeakable secret. Emilie Landecker, circa Her Jewish father, Alfred, was killed by the Nazis. By Katrin Bennhold. Emilie Landecker was 19 when she went to work for Benckiser, a German company that made industrial cleaning products and also took pride in cleansing its staff of non-Aryan elements. It was Landecker was half Jewish and terrified of deportation.

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Created in by attorney Mike Godwin, it is quite simple: The more heated a political argument becomes, the higher the likelihood that one side will mention Adolf Hitler. - This Jewish bolshevist annihilation of nations and its western European and American procurers can be met only in one way: by using every ounce of strength with the extreme fanaticism and stubborn steadfastness that merciful God gives to men in hard times for the defense of their own lives We have suffered so much that it only steels us to fanatical resolve to hate Our enemies a thousand times more and to regard them for what they are destroyers of an eternal culture and annihilators of humanity.



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