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iperbole comune di bologna

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Digital library. Ask a librarian. What is the user card? It's a library card which allow you to be registered in the institution's libraries of Comune di Bologna. From the 3rd of December it replaces the old library cards, previously issued by the institution's libraries. From the 1st of January only the new card will be considered valid. How to Get it A user card may be obtained by completing the registration process in one of the institution libraries.

The old towers, symbol of Bologna: Garisenda and Asinelli 98m, the highest masonry construction in the Middle Ages. Founded by the Etruscans who called it "Felsina", during the Roman period it was known as "Bononia"; it later became a free city and, subsequently, a papal one. Bologna is the seat of the oldest University in Europe and is actually Italy's gastronomic capital, famous worldwide for the quality of life and the civic virtues of its inhabitants. Bologna has one of the best preserved historical centers in Europe; a single monument consisting in squares, towers, churches and buildings interwoven in a network of connecting porticos about 37Km. Bologna historical center is dominated by the moles of the old towers and is rich in churches and beautiful buildings that reveal the economic and social importance of this city in the past.

It is more than a year since the municipality of Bologna adopted the Regulation for the care and regeneration of Urban Commons , that was also translated into English few months later you can read it here. Since that moment, the idea behind the project itself has rapidly spread not only in Italy, where tens of municipalities decided to adopt the Regulation, but also all over the world. For this reason, the Civic Collaboration Day is dedicated especially to our indisputable right to look for happiness , fighting every day against our biggest enemy, that is the resignation. We all know that collaborating together for the common good is what has made of Bologna a special and different city. We face every problem in this way, working together in every field and facing every prospective obstacle. So far, thanks to the regulation adopted, more than collaboration pacts have been signed between the Administration and the citizens. Doubtless, these pacts have triggered a new civic sense.

The Bologna tramway network Italian : Rete tranviaria di Bologna was an important part of the public transport network of Bologna , Italy. It was established in and discontinued in A new tramway network is currently being planned. As of February , the technical and economic feasibility study for the first line is officially underway, by a temporary association of companies formed by Systra, Sotecni, Architecna, Studio Mattioli, Aegis and Cooperativa Archeologia. The timetable announced by the town administration for line 1 is as follows: [7] [3]. Line 1 will have its western terminus at Borgo Panigale Terminal, where a car parking lot is planned, joined with an interchange terminal with intercity bus services. In the opposite direction there will be a double terminus, at the CAAB and at the Michelino parking lot.

Bologna has always been a progressive city and plans to stay this way. Nowadays, we fight for sustainable development and for helping our young people find work. For the future, which we assimilate to progress, we aim at living in solidarity and strive to work together. As a result, we will have in two years over accommodation rented to citizens who need them. We approved the new tram project, we want cars to be electric, we have car and bike sharing and we are the first city to use bike sharing for citizens in Europe. Bologna signed in the Pact of Bologna for the Environment , which aims at engage the biggest Italian cities to achieve the environmental targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, such as circular economy, energy transition, and sustainable mobility. Thanks to the European funds, a lot of urban regeneration is taking place in different parts of the city.

Interview with Virginio Merola, Mayor of Bologna

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