Turnigy 9x firmware update

Turnigy 9X Advance Mod

turnigy 9x firmware update

The stock firmware in the Turnigy 9X is pretty bad. It's very limiting, and even lacks basic features like a timer.

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OpenTX is open source firmware for RC radio transmitters. The firmware is highly configurable and brings much more features than found in traditional radios. The daily feedback from the thousands of users ensures the continued stability and quality of the firmware. Read more about which radios are supported. The team also develops the OpenTX Companion transmitter support software. OpenTX Companion is used for many different tasks like loading OpenTX firmware to the radio, backing up model settings, editing settings and running radio simulators.

Quick links. Problem with last new Hobbyking Turnigy 9X transmiters. Pardon for my bad English. Re: Problem with last new Hobbyking Turnigy 9X transmiters. We do not have any data on the processor. This uses an Atmel ARM processor.

Thanks Michael, I'm going to give this a go today, I wasn't sure how or what to tick in the firmware setup. You've just cleared that up for now, brilliant. Much Appreciated! Regards Ivor. Sunday, 1 December Turnigy 9X firmware upgrade.

The Turnigy 9X 8ch RC transmitter is ridiculously cheap. $60 for a programmable 8ch! That's about 1/10th the price of comparable name brand.
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Quick links. GND was also connected to the module pin. The S. Port was connected to the bottom module pin as well. After seeing searching for device during procedure, I turned on the switch to power on the receiver and the firmware update started but stopped immediately on of XXXX.

As I was planning to build my first quadcopter and enter the world of RC, one of the components I was looking for was the transmitter. I wanted something fairly cheap, full featured so that it can control any RC planes or vehicles, and easy to use. Another great advantage of this transmitter is, there is large potential for you to do modifications, to make it even more powerful. I have done some very basic modifications in the previous post. In this post I will talk about some of the research I have done on more advanced mods we can do on the 9X transmitter.

Transform a Cheap RC Transmitter With Custom Firmware

The microcontroller running the show is a common ATMEGA64 type and is not code protected, so several groups of dedicated hobbyists have completely rewritten their own firmware versions that vastly improve the radio and are open source to boot. This instructable will show the steps required to modify your radio and reflash it with the firmware of your choice. - However, I started with the Turnigy 9X, and it was a good starter radio especially if you are on a tight budget.


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