Weihrauch hw75 air pistol

Weihrauch HW 75 Pellet Pistol

weihrauch hw75 air pistol

Weihrauch HW Air gun | Pyramyd Air. Weihrauch HW 75 Air Pistol * Accurate match/target pistol * Single-stroke pneumatic * Dry-fire mechanism.


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Why change things for the sake of it though? Indeed, work through their specific models and it seems that they have just about every base covered; all offering that unique Teutonic take on traditional gun making. My favourite singlestroke pneumatic system is utilised, and this gives this model a head-start over many rival mechanisms. Lovers of the replica pistol will appreciate how the HW75 loosely follows the profile of the American Government Colt 45 service pistol, with that stylish squared off front section and integral trigger guard all playing along. This model has its own styling though, with the inclusion of those smart and highly functional walnut target grips, and these help to differentiate the 75 in a crowded market. A long sight line is afforded with this model, which helps maximise accuracy, but the addition of extensive scope dovetail rails along the top front section, is a real bonus, allowing for a variety of additional sighting systems to be toyed with.

The HW75 is the perfect target shooter with an exceptionally well made barrel and German engineered internal to provide the ultimate level of consistency between shots. The ambidextrous grip is beautifully shaped to be both comfortable and secure and the completely recoiless action aids accuracy by not throwing your hand off between shots. The single stroke pneumatic action of the HW75 is crisp and reliable and eliminates the need to purchase extra bottles of gas or CO2.
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There is a pistol in the Weihrauch stable that does not get the praise, or indeed the press, it deserves. The HW75 is only available in. To release the action there is a small catch to the left-hand side of the hammer, and pressing this in allows the top of the action to be pulled upwards. When you have opened the action fully, you will hear a hiss as air is drawn into the compression chamber. Once the pellet is loaded in the exposed barrel under the top lever, it takes a fair amount of effort to close the action fully to its locked position. For some reason, there is only a red dot, along with the F, on the left-hand side of the action, and nothing on the right. As I mentioned, the safety catch is not automatic, so do remember to use it.

Gun test: Weihrauch HW75

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Weihrauch HW75

If you are looking for a match accurate pistol, a multi-adjustable two-stage trigger and absolutely no recoil - the HW75 is everything you need! Load a pellet into the underside of barrel opening push downwards. Then cock the hammer back take of safety and aim and then fire. It is expensive but well worth every penny comes as expected with Weihrauch Quality you would expect. Single stroke pneumatic Absolutely recoilless, allround training pistol.

By Jock Elliott. Ever since I saw my first Beeman catalog some years ago, there has been one pistol that has tickled my curiosity: the HW75 formerly called the Beeman P2. Both these pistols resemble a Colt automatic on steroids. Or like me, you may find that after a while it is an acquired taste and a whole lot of fun. But the HW75, which according to Beeman literature was originally designed as a prototype when the P1 was being developed, has a single-stroke pneumatic powerplant in a frame that is as robust as that of the P1. What would that be like to shoot?





Tim Finley tests the impressive Weihrauch HW75 single-stroke pneumatic pistol. Model: HW Type: Single-stroke pneumatic air pistol.
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