Bontrager xr1 29 x 2.2

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bontrager xr1 29 x 2.2

Bontrager XR-1, 29-1 and XR-4 and 29-4 Mountain Bike Tires

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Now with several hundred miles under the tires, I am ready to give my final verdict on the Bontrager XR-1 Team Issue tires. If you have not seen the two previous postings on these tires, you can check into that here and here. The XR-1 Team Issue tires were run the entire test as tubeless tires, which I will again reiterate is not supported by Bontrager, and voids the warranty. That said, I experienced very little trouble with leak down over the first two weeks after which the set up was average for holding air. Take that with a huge grain-o-salt!

The Team Issue TLR mountain bike tire has a foldable bead with tightly spaced central knobs and an open outer tread for fast-rolling traction plus powerful grip on dusty surfaces. The right tire makes all the difference. Watch as Cam McCaul walks you through each of the four categories and then choose which ones work best with your riding style! Inner Strength. Our Inner Strength Casing is made of lightweight nylon inserts that provide strong, supple sidewall protection for added tire durability. Go tubeless. A properly set up tubeless system lets you run lower tire pressure for better traction, added confidence, and a smoother, faster ride.

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The XR1 Team Issue TLR is an ultra-fast rolling, tubeless ready cross country race tire ideally Bontrager XR Mud Team Issue TLR Folding Tire 29 x inch .
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Bontrager combined their years of tire engineering and off-road racing experience and came up with one of their fastest tires ever: the XR1. Made for fast courses on dry hardpack, the XR1 is super light, rolls fast and gives you predictable cornering and braking. The lightweight folding bead helps this tire accelerate and change direction in a snap. And Bontrager's TLR system is super easy to set up your tires to tubeless. Car Racks. Size: Select Size 29 x 2.

Car Racks. Gift Cards. Filter By: Availability. In Warehouse 23 In Stock Bontrager 29 Continental 3 Maxxis 1 Schwalbe 1.

By Russell Eich. Bontrager has upped its mountain bike tires with a whole range of excellent choices; from thin, featherweight XC skins to full-on World Cup-winning downhill treads. But from there, the rear aired up easily with a floor pump. You know those days when your legs have the snap, the quickness, and the power you want and expect? You probably do.

Bontrager Xr1 Expert Bike Folding Tire 29" x 2.2

Bontrager XR2 Team Issue 29x2.2 Lightweight Cross Country Race Tire Actual Width and Weight

Bontrager XR1 Tire user reviews: out of 5 - 17 reviews. Read it's g weight(XR1 Expert 29"x) Schwalbe Thunder Burt EVO Snakeskin 29x
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