Link g4 ecu for sale

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link g4 ecu for sale


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Refer to the feature differentiation matrix. Qty: Add to cart. Type: Engine Management Systems. Vendor: Link Engine Management. Inputs Engine Position: Up to 6 engine position sensor inputs reluctor, hall or optical Engine position tracking to 0.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Link G4 Storm ECU Looms IAT 4 Bar Map at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for.
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Haltech Tc4 Egt Can. No other company will look after you like Brands Hatch Performance! Pre and Post sales support - with our expert knowledge we will help you decide which ECU and accessories are best for you. Once you purchase them we will be there for you every step of the way with as little or as much help that you need to get the equipment installed and tuned. Even if you try to fit your ECU and fail we offer a flat fee fix service where we will fix any problems you have and also explain where you went wrong, so you get a great learning experience and a working installation. Decide you should have purchased an ECU with more features?

Qty: Add to cart. Type: Engine Management Systems. Vendor: Link Engine Management. This ECU is more than capable of running sequential injection, ignition and variable valve timing on most of today's engines. Four stroke, two stroke, and rotary engines supported. Engines up to 12 cylinders supported six cylinder sequential ignition.

Flexible options over the control of inputs and outputs allow the user to design their own functions to control a variety of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM while accounting for variations in manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions. Qty: Add to cart. Type: Engine Management Systems. Vendor: Link Engine Management.

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This increases security of shipping and provides information on when an ECU is first used for warranty purposes - With 8 Peak and Hold injector drives and 6 ignition drives the Fury can control up to 3 rotors or 6 cylinders with sequential injection and direct spark, making it a great choice for professional level motorsport or more demanding road car applications.

Oct 2, EVO PlugIn sale! These can be secured through any Link ECU dealer for just ? , , G4+ PlugIn Key Features (Where Applicable).
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