Horror movies to watch

The Best Horror Movies On Netflix Right Now

horror movies to watch

10 Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch

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The best horror movies of all time are the ones that silently stay with you after the credits roll. Like an invisible child probably made out of teeth and hair the best scary movies grab a hold of your leg and follow you home. They are the reason you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night, desperately reaching a defenceless hand out through the darkness to the safety of the lamp switch. We all have our weaknesses and the best horror movies hone in on those fears and exploit them horribly. Road trips, a jaunt to the supermarket, trying to find your car in an underground car park late at night Choosing the best 30 horror movies of all time is a bit like waking up in a Jigsaw designed trap. The good news is that you've got a machete, the bad news is that it's time to pick which of your limbs you like the least.

From ghosts to vampires and zombies just about every morbid fantasy that your demented mind can conjure has representation. Run Time: 98 min IMDb: 7. The film follows a young girl suffering under the abuse of her religiously-devout mother and being bullied by the more popular kids at school. She has some embarrassing moments — getting her period during swim class — and some tension-filled fights with her mother that begin to unleash her supernatural abilities. Run Time: 90 min IMDb: 6.

Sure, Halloween is months away, but does that mean you can't watch scary movies the rest of the year? Hell no! Thankfully, Netflix has you covered with a healthy horror section full of prestige horror films and schlocky splatter movies. While your options are limitless, here are the best scary movies to stream on Netflix right now, which will ensure you'll have a spooky and creepy year but don't blame us for the nightmares. This horror satire from Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy is a mix of The Square and Eyes of Laura Mars , with Jake Gyllenhaal starring as an art critic who discovers that the mysterious paintings by an unknown artist have supernatural abilities—and take their revenge on anyone attempting to profit off of them.

Here are 20 highly recommended and extremely scary horror movies from all over the world you can stream right now on Netflix:. By summer , horror had earned a bad rap. Its success spawned the first highly successful cinematic universe outside of the MCU. The performances are powerful, and the filmmaking here is impeccable, evoking a war-torn Iran that is almost suffocating to watch. Though the film is scary, gross, funny and sad—everything you want a zombie flick to be—it perhaps works best as an action film. Yeon stages set piece after thrilling set piece with kinetic energy and inventiveness that put several American summer blockbusters to shame.

The 25 Scariest Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now



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