Caldeira velha sao miguel

Nice volcanic hot springs - Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Centre

caldeira velha sao miguel

Caminhada na Caldeira Velha (Ribeira Grande - Sao Miguel - Acores)

del    la terra del sole canosa

You can have a locker for 5 eur deposit not too big, enough for a normal backpack , there are some changing rooms, but shower is just cold. We had a great time here, if slightly out of the ordinary. You change in some wooden huts. Make sure you take a towel and some eg flip flops for your feet. You then wander through the forest on various paths to visit and bathe Although the surrounding environment is lush and beautiful the park is tiny and overpacked. See the pics.

The building has, among other aspects, the main purpose of promoting the particular environmental values, allowing the visitor to discover in loco the particularities of this point of interest and acting as a complementary space of informal education. At the same time offers a wide network of resources and promotes a touristic component. It is also possible to enjoy three thermal pools and a walking trail at the Natural Monument. The interpretative exhibition leads the visitor into a voyage through the volcanic origin of the islands, highlighting the Fogo Volcano formation. Satisfaction Survey. The management entity reserves the right to close the establishment, according to the weather conditions.

The place is formed by pools of thermal waters in an average temperature of 34 degrees and beautiful landscapes, composed by enormous ferns, offering you a unique experience of peace, silence and tranquility. It is worth mentioning that each person has the right to remain in Caldeira Velha for a maximum period of 2 hours, with a limit of people to visit. Please also note the parking available as it is very small. Do not forget to visit Caldeira Velha, take good photos and relax in this beauty of the Azores! The Caldeira Velha was originated from the volcanic complex of Lagoa do Fogo. The local puddles are the main highlights of its historical formation.

A very nice Park area with hot springs worth a visit. Bring bathing clothes and enjoy the volcanic waters of the springs. Be aware that there are very few parking spots, ppl Park on the road there and they could add another shower, but otherwise great especially for the 3e entry they ask pp. For less than an hour from Ginetes to Caldeira, which is nature rain forest and nature hot spring spa, the entry fee is not expense, you can spend half day to walk after that and can try the Hot Sprind, which it had 5 pool there, which is very nice, and warn from the natural hot spring , which flow from the mountain thought a small river to the pool. During the December period which is not bad, it does not rain, and weather is not too hot , and it is not very busy, so that we can really enjoy the time.

The setting of Caldeira Velha is breath taking: lush greens, red path and smell of rotten eggs. For those of you that had been on New Zealand it is like a mix of W coast of South Island fern trees, lush vegetation and North Island geothermal waters. We visited on quite cold day and the bigger pool was too cold for me, but the lower smaller pool was perfect. It is well worth visiting the short guided walk: 15 minutes, quite steep. The guide gave some essentional info about the Cadeira, it was interesting and short enough for the kids. Having visited hot springs worldwide, this site is quite small, murky warm water trickling down from a man made pool to another pool.

Hot springs - Caldeira Velha Environmental Interpretation Centre

Caldeira Velha Sao Miguel Island


Estrada Regional da Lagoa do Fogo, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel , to the promotion of the natural heritage of the Caldeira Velha?s area, which is.
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  1. If you are planning to go up to the Lagoa do Fogo Fire Lake lookout I highly recommend heading down the mountain going towards Ribeira Grande.

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