L arte del camminare luca gianotti

Book recommendation: “L’arte del camminare” from Luca Gianotti

l arte del camminare luca gianotti

LUCA GIANOTTI - Intervista al Festival del Camminare 2012


Whatever connotation one wishes to give it, walking places Man in a natural or social context, which he is to confront. A physical or spiritual practice that is also found in Zen pilgrimages, in the Tibetan kora circular paths and in Hindu parikama. And it is proposed in the Deep Walking project deepwalking. Vittoria Mentasti's Dead Sea takes us to a place where the sky and the sea are one. A chat with Kristin Prim, the founder of The Provocateur, the site that publishes letters written expressely by leading women addressing the whole female world.

Nel e uscito nelle librerie: "L'arte del camminare. Consigli per partire con il piede giusto" autore Luca Gianotti prefazione di Wu Ming 2 Ediciclo Editore.
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The Compagnia dei Cammini is one of the most important reference points for slow tourism experiences in Italy and the Mediterranean. The Cultrual Route of the Council of Europe is included in the travel catalogue of the company. As an association we also try to enhance several small routes such as the Spallanzani trail, the Via Cretese and we are trying to establish a network of smaller routes. We traverse it regularly in sections, with our groups and in our own way, attempting to maintain the spirit of wayfarer, with readings and cultural insights. Experiencing the route internally. Excursions, trips and events. Our mission is to share walking culture and we feel animated by this spirit.

Dalla quarta di copertina:. In fondo, se ci pensate, non serve nessuna arte per camminare. Basta alzarsi, uscire di casa, e mettersi in marcia. Come preparare uno zaino? Usare o non usare i bastoncini?

Luca Gianotti : graduated in Philosophy in , mountain guide since , creator of La Boscaglia trekking tours, and now of Compagnia dei Cammini walking association www. Amongs his adventures, also the crossing in mountain bike of Sahara Desert in Algeria. He works to discover all the opportunities of walking as a therapy, and organizes courses of Walking Meditation. His new project is Deep Walking www. His personal website is www. Here organizes walking tours with donkeys, the first in Italy with the french formula of free tours without guide. These days many people use nature to make fast money.

L’arte del camminare

Compagnia dei Cammini along the Via Francigena

Last week, during my trip to Trento, I visited a small library specialised in travel literature, guides, maps and apparel: la Viaggeria. Every time I enter it I come out with at least two books. The shopkeepers manage to keep this store lively, rich, surprising and homely, and have always a good suggestion — or sometimes they read you a few paragraphs of a book they recently discovered, so that you invariably find a book that opens you a new universe. I read it at once, fascinated by the simplicity of his prose, that made me readily believe I could prepare my baggage and start a journey on foot with new enthusiasm, new eyes. No matter where it starts, where it would end, the walk is a world in itself. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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The Club is a sort of communication platform, where priority is given to socialising and interchange and the space is pleasantly informal, while being organised in such as way as to favour all possible forms of working., Lifestyle 07 November Despite the little time we have for reading, to Luisa and I books are a real passion.

Sono nato nel a Modena, laurea in filosofia, guida di viaggi a piedi dal , tra i fondatori della Compagnia dei Cammini, in passato ho fondato.
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