Santa maria del fiore immagini

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

santa maria del fiore immagini

Travel Florence landmark icon. Santa Maria del Fiore is one of famous tourist attractions in capital city of Tuscany region, Italy. Domed Cathedral Duomo vector .

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In Via dello Studio, there is a place where you can still breathe in the atmosphere of the old Florentine art workshop. In Via dello Studio, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo, there is a place where you can still breathe in the atmosphere of the old Florentine art workshop. Passers-by peeking through the glass door can see a large room "furnished" with the kind of machinery you might find in any modern craftsman's workshop, such as a milling machine or a mitre saw, but also older manual tools dating back to a few centuries ago, such as stonemason's gradines and an assortment of chisels, marble drills and hammers identical in every way to those used by the artists of the Renaissance. It used to be situated in a building just behind the apse of the cathedral. It then moved next door into the building now housing the Historical Museum, where sculptors would work under a huge canopy which has since been removed.

A typical example of Italian Gothic, the architecture of Florence Cathedral, also known as Santa Maria del Fiore, hails from the initial project by Arnolfo di Cambio , who worked on the previous building, considerably expanding the structures. Finished in , the Duomo was covered in coloured marble based on the example on the older Baptistery, with the exception of the facade that remained unfinished and was given its current appearance as late as the nineteenth century. The Cupola still had to be built, whose drum had been constructed in The church is shaped into three naves, divided by large pillars. At the base of the pillars the architectural elements begin, which culminate in the ogival vaults. The dimensions are enormous: metres long and 38 metres wide.

Monday 5 November began the monitoring of the marble surfaces of the monumental complex of the Florence Cathedral that will go on for three weeks. The monitoring started with the Giotto's Campanile and will continue on the external surfaces of the Duomo , Brunelleschi's Dome and of Baptistery. The work is performed by the staff of the Work of Santa Maria del Fiore with the aid of a mobile crane with an arm of meters that allows you to reach even the highest areas of the Giotto's Campanile and Brunelleschi's Dome. This is one of the maintenance activities that the Work of Santa Maria del Fiore it regularly does its own monuments and allows to check in detail the 40 thousand thousand square meters of marble surfaces, to verify the state of conservation, to identify the possible degradation and to plan the restoration interventions. For this maintenance the Opera invests every year from the to the thousand euros only to move the cranes, to which must be added the work of the group of restorers of the Workshop of Restoration of the Opera , a dozen, taken on a permanent basis. These workers are the direct heirs of the stonemasons who made the sculptural and architectural decorations of the cathedral and the bell tower and which today are dedicated to the maintenance and conservation of this heritage.

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This masterpiece of Italian Gothic with its atypical plan consisting of three naves culminating in a triconca roundabout was built by the Signoria Fiorentina from and completed in the structure only years later, in The works were initially entrusted to Arnolfo di Exchange and, over the decades interrupted and resumed countless times, passed into the hands of artists such as Giotto and Francesco Talenti. These excavations can now be visited: here they were, in fact, found frescoes, tombs of illustrious Florentine figures, mosaic floors and walled remains of Roman houses. The building, probably of medieval origin, is embellished by three splendid bronze doors on the south, north and east sides of the baptistery. Built starting from , it is almost 85 meters high and is considered the most beautiful bell tower of the peninsula.

La quale fu una pianta bellissima di quella maniera, che fu di pietre forti squadrate di dentro tutta lavorata, e di fuori di marmi bianchi e neri e rossi incrostata e adorna Sorse sopra la seconda cattedrale, che la Firenze paleocristiana aveva dedicato a Santa Reparata. La prima pietra della facciata venne posta l' 8 settembre , su progetto di Arnolfo di Cambio. Alla morte d'Arnolfo, avvenuta intorno al , i lavori subirono un rallentamento, per riprendere certamente nel quando i magistrati dell' Arte della Lana si assunsero la cura della costruzione. I lavori proseguirono fra interruzioni e riprese fino a quando, in seguito al concorso bandito nel , fu accettato il modello definitivo della chiesa proposto da quattro architetti e quattro pittori, tra i quali Andrea di Bonaiuto, Benci e Andrea di Cione, Taddeo Gaddi e Neri di Fioravante. Dal al '59 la direzione tocca a Francesco Talenti, che completa il Campanile e prepara un nuovo progetto coadiuvato dal al '69 da Giovanni di Lapo Ghini.

Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze's Duomo

Florence Cathedral monitoring of external marbles The spectacular images

Look at Santa Maria del Fiore, the 3rd Church in the whole world! Observe its red, white and green marbles, its statues, its windows and doors, its arches and vaults, the infinite decorations that make it enchanting! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help.



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