L orchestra italiana o sarracino

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l orchestra italiana o sarracino

Renzo Arbore - 'O sarracino

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Product search. Sign in. Email address. Forgot your password? Subscribe to newsletter. Price includes VAT, plus delivery. Renzo Arbore is not only a clarinet player of great renown but also an Italian television showman, singer, film actor and director.

For a fourteen-year old italian kid, the benny Goodman album of his Carnegie Hall session was only a dream, both for price, and prodigious value. It could only have been a wishful thinking that one day I would be on these same borads the likes of Goodman, and even Toscanini and Caruso once were. The most I can say is that you will hear in this double CD my emotion and that of my dear coplayers of the "Orchestra Italiana". Though we've played throughout the world, I being a bit older than the bunch is important; you acquire a better ear for recognizing good music. Especially when you're asked to play memorable Neapolitan melodies loved throughout the world. Some of the finest lyrics, true poetry, expressions of joy and melancholy entwined with apt, inspired rhythms, which the younger members of this "Orchestra Italiana" have learned to express.

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Sono passati ormai dipende dai punti di vista diciottanni da quando Renzo Arbore, grande appassionato di tutta la musica e profondo estimatore della Canzone Napoletana Classica, volle inseguire un suo personale "sogno": quello di far nascere una sua orchestra, un' orchestra "italiana" con chitarre, mandolini, voci e cori dei musicisti, percussioni, fisarmonica e tastiere, per rilanciare in Italia e all'estero la Canzone Napoletana Classica. Dopo il debutto internazionale dell' "Orchestra Italiana" al prestigioso Montreux Jazz Festival , in cui Renzo Arbore fu battezzato da Quincy Jones come "The new italian renaissance man" Grandi anime e voci ispiratrici quelle di Roberto Murolo e Renato Carosone, affettuosamente ricordate da Arbore in ogni suo concerto. Con i primi tre dischi "Napoli. Punto e a capo.

Arbore rediscovered the primary importance of the forgotten mandolin sound and was delighted to experiment with rock, blues, country, reggae, South American rhythms which he incorporated in his music. He introduced new rhythmic energies to support the sonority which were never heard before. This music is still alive and is able to express the most intense and overwhelming emotions. It also has become reality. In the hands of Arbore and his 15 great talented musicians all of them great soloists of their own instrument , are going to bring a new light to some Neapolitan musical gems. Roberto Murolo and Renato Carosone were the inspiration for Arbore.

Renzo Arbore e L'Orchestra Italiana


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