Jojo earth wind and fire

Earth Wind and Fire

jojo earth wind and fire

Earth Wind and Fire (?????????????????? Asu Uindo Ando Faiya) is the name of Mikitaka Hazekura's power appearing in Diamond is Unbreakable.

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Josuke and Giorno both had chance encounters with kind strangers who helped them out at a very low point in their childhood. Who were these men? What happened to them later on? Earth, Wind, and Fire. Giorno Giovanna knows that his father is Dio Brando but never got to meet him and barely knows anything about him. His half-brothers Ungalo, Rikiel, and Versace who appear as villains in part 6 are even more in the dark and have suffered for their entire lives due to absent parents and uncontrollable stands without ever knowing why.

With Stand -like powers, Mikitaka professes to be of extraterrestrial origin; a claim of which the validity is never fully examined. His shapeshifting ability is named Earth Wind and Fire. Mikitaka appears as a teenage boy of average to above-average height and slim to average build. He has pointed ears, and long, straight light hair flowing back over his head. He is introduced wearing a nose chain, which is missing in later chapters. In either an elaborate prolonged charade or a stark extended close encounter , Mikitaka claims to be a year-old extraterrestrial.

Mikitaka, who has pointed ears and claims to be an alien, has a stand called Earth, Wind, and Fire that allows him to shape-shift into any object. The character's stand, Diver Down, was first shown to be storing its strikes in objects. That ability was used a few times before it was inexplicitly changed to being able to phase through solid objects and freely change its insides. Admittedly, they are somewhat related. Silver Chariot, the stand belonging to fan-favorite Polnareff, is a robotic-looking stand armed with a rapier and clad in protective medieval armor.

Planet Waves is humanoid in shape, its body covered with a pattern akin to muscle fiber. Despite having a humanoid body, Planet Waves is not shown personally fighting, thus its physical capabilities are unknown. However, its power over meteoroids makes it dangerous to fight head-on and in the open. Planet Waves draws distant meteoroids toward its user, colliding with any person or object within their vicinity. It attracts the small rocks from space, who then fall to Earth precisely toward the user with enough speed that they can tear off chunks of the body [2] and cannot be heard until impact. The meteors appear in a time span of anywhere from minutes to seconds between each meteor. To protect the user in the event that a meteor would hit him, they will disintegrate just before making contact, no matter what happens during their descent.

Like all abilities directly conferring supernatural powers to their users, Earth Wind and Fire doesn't actually possess a physical form: instead, it is bound to its user's body. As a result of Mikitaka's self-proclaimed alien identity, there is speculation regarding the true nature of Earth Wind and Fire and its origin. Due to the circumstances surrounding Mikitaka and the author's own purposeful ambiguity, it is currently unknown if it is an alien ability or a Stand. Mikitaka's Earth Wind and Fire is a harmless shapeshifting power whose usefulness is mitigated by Mikitaka's eccentricity. Earth Wind and Fire allows Mikitaka to transform into any object.


Planet Waves


It attracts the small rocks from space, who then fall to Earth precisely toward the user Planet Waves was originally called "Earth Wind and Fire" (????????? .
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