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How to connect to the internet from your phone and how to set it

http m vodafone it pages home

Come scaricare l'App My Vodafone

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This means that you can take any Vodafone plan or those of its MVNOs in up to 4G and use the included or added allowances for roaming at domestic German rates. Note that unlike in other Vodafone countries, Switzerland and Turkey are not included in their roaming zone at domestic rates and charged much higher. Their prepaid card is called " CallYa " and is available at their stores store locator and many more outlets for free without credit, 9. The outer packets look very similar to Vodafone starter packs, but have a Mobilcom-Debitel logo on the upper left of the packet. They offer the exact same tariffs as a regular Vodafone SIM, can be topped up with the exact same vouchers as a regular Vodafone SIMs, but don't participate in Vodafone promotions. Actually CallYa cards are valid for an indefinite period.

And you always have Smart Passport. The offer also includes unlimited Giga to make calls and video calls over the internet VoIP and chat using your favourite apps. The promotional fee will apply if top-ups of euros are made to the SIM card and used while you remain with Vodafone. Otherwise the remaining 12 euros will be charged. The price per minute is calculated per second. The activation fee and the first monthly renewal cost will be deducted from the credit within 72 hours of activation. If the credit remains insufficient for 6 renewals, the deal will be automatically deactivated.

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To connect to the internet from your phone, you need to have the right data tariff activated on your mobile phone number and a proper telephone setting which enables internet connection. Find out which tariff you have activated or choose one of the data tariffs in the My Vodafone Self Care. More FAQs from this category Choose different category. Log in to My Vodafone and choose the section Services - Internet. To enter the My Vodafone Self Care, you will need your password. Choose the menu Internet.

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How to enjoy Vodafone Mobile Broadband

It is not possible to activate the promotion online. The fee will be charged to the credit of the SIM in 72 hours starting from the activation of the bundle. Vodafone Holiday is available only for rechargeable plans. Vodafone Holiday is valid only for calls, messages and data usage only in Italy. The minutes and messages included are valid for Italian and foreign numbers versus countries included in the promotion. Pay-numbers ex.

A disaster. I regret ever switching to them and am counting the days to the end of my contract when I can switch to someone else.

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Worst ever broadband customer service. Screwed up my order. Then created a new one before I had finished new agreement. Now I must wait to cancel because no one wastes more of your time than these guys Been with Vodafone since first mobile - early 90s? I had SOOO wanted to inform complaints dept what my first complaint was.

C'all Global +. With Vodafone, you have data and calls to Italy and overseas. minutes to everyone in Italy. Up to International minutes. 35 Giga*.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. It only takes a minute to sign up. Now I want to check the balance of my SIM card. But it is only available in the Italian App Store, and since I don't like to change the store region, I could not install it. You will find some useful graphs. Swipe to "La tua offerta" section.

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