Peugeot rcz vs audi tt

Comparative Test: Audi TT 2,0TFSI vs Peugeot RCZ 1,6 THP

peugeot rcz vs audi tt

Peugeot RCZ R vs Audi TT RS

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When CT founder Adnan arrived in the Peugeot at the shoot location the obscenely posh town of Eton to meet photographer Jayson and I in the Audi, it was clear that round one had already gone to the German camp. The Oh, and as a bonus, the wheel itself is a thing of beauty. Sure, the throttle is a bit twitchy for driving around town, but out in the country, you appreciate the sharpness. Oh, and that diff that clunks when you manoeuvre? The way it drags you out of each corner - keeping your line nice and tight - is addictive. And it means the bhp and lb ft of torque can be put down on the road effectively.

CAR was at the unveiling of the concept at the Frankfurt Show, where it was a sensational hit, its curved roofline claimed to have been inspired by the Auto Union streamliners of the s and clamshell bonnet setting it apart from fussy contemporary sportscar designs.
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Peugeot and Audi have been battling it out on the diesel front in the Le Mans 24 Hour race for several years. In the past year the two car makers have taken the fight to the dealer forecourts. Who will win the battle for top diesel sports car? Compare the two cars and you'll see that there are similarities on the design front. However, the French flair wins the day its 'double-bubble' roof. Peugeot has added a bhp 2.

Brits have a certain love affair with the Audi TT , as there are more purchased here than in any other country. So, driving the all-new third-generation model on UK roads for the first time is big news. Read full reviews of the cars by following the links above, and scroll down to find out the verdict of this twin test! Image 15 of It also provides a litre capacity in its wide, long boot, and while both of these coupes have split-fold rear seats, practicality in the RCZ is limited by the restricted height under the fixed rear windscreen.

After all, any car that has humble origins yet places look-at-me style uppermost in its list of priorities runs the risk of being branded vacuous and superficial, at least by keen drivers. Call it Victoria Beckham Syndrome. Truth be told, when I got the call from evo HQ and was handed this assignment, I could feel those dismissive thoughts flash through my mind. A less magnanimous man than I might feel affronted. Pre-judge these cars at your peril.

Why I'd Recommend The Flawed Peugeot RCZ R Over The Superior Audi TT

Peugeot RCZ v Audi TT v Volkswagen Scirocco

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Peugeot RCZ V Audi TT



Can latest Audi TT hit the same heights as its big-selling predecessors? We find out as it takes on the Peugeot RCZ.
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