Adidas micoach fit smart app

Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart Review

adidas micoach fit smart app

Adidas fit smart - Fitness Tracker Band (micoach)

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I am a relative newcomer when it comes to the fitness band scene. Last summer I picked up my first all around fitness band and I have been using it ever since. The Adidas Micoach Fit Smart seemed very similar to my current band, but what peaked my curiosity was the sports-specific workouts tailored to your fitness level. With tennis season coming up, I had to give it a try. Setting it up was really simple.

The band is now up to competing with all-day trackers. Fit Smart has been around for about a year, and was a decent bet for athletes who are tired of chest bands and want a simple fitness monitor. Announced in July, the band has a built-in heart rate monitor, and LED side-lighting shows your activity level. Speed, pace, distance, and even stride are visible on the basic LED matrix display. Now, the app will show your daily steps, and the band will remind you to get up and get moving. The Train and Run app helps make this band special.

The Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart is a wrist-worn fitness band squarely aimed at runners and serious athletes. Out of the box, the Fit Smart looks a little on the big side. The white, slightly stretchy silicone strap gives it an undeniably robust feel — we had no qualms throwing this into the bottom of a bag. The digital interface is reminiscent of the one used by the Nike Fuelband, with its big, bright white numbers making it ideal for night-time use. This is heavily integrated into training, particularly for heart-rate training flashing a series of different colours to indicate performance.

Whereas the Fit Smart's older brother packed in GPS connectivity, the new arrival shunned this feature in order to slim-down and offer a better battery performance. When we reviewed the Fit Smart just over a year ago we lamented, "It's neither a specialist GPS running watch nor an everyday activity tracker — it lies somewhere in between and, as a result, it falls short of being a device that we'd highly recommend. But now, thanks to an update that brings step tracking, calorie counting and estimated distance measuring to the workout-assistant, it is an everyday tracker - hence the updated review. Although not as well received as Adidas would have wanted, we at Wareable were quite enamoured with the original miCoach training smartwatch, the Smart Run, and were excited to hear that a follow up device was about to hit the shops. Whereas the Smart Run was quite a chunky device, with a large strap and oversized face, the miCoach Fit Smart pays its dues, design-wise, to the ever-growing fitness tracker genre that's dominating wearable tech right now. It hasn't completely dumped the idea of a display — although there's no glass or pixels packed into the Fit Smart — instead you're looking at a 34mm silicone strap that hides a 17 x 11 LED matrix display. Alongside this basic yet effective display are a row of neon LED strip-lights, which we'll come back to later, and two physical navigation buttons.

At the time, Runtastic said nothing would happen to its own app and services. Today, that promise has been confirmed as Adidas has revealed it is shutting down its own miCoach service and focusing on Runtastic's instead. If you're a MiCoach user, you've still got plenty of time to use the service, as it isn't going anywhere until 31 December , but you won't be able to sign up to a new membership with it from today. Instead, you can sign up to Runtastic , which you can use to set running goals based on weight loss or distance, and the service also has GPS tracking and voice coaching functions. You can compete with friends to see who has run the furthest distance each week or month, and those same friends can even send you messages of encouragement during your own workouts. Adidas has set up a transition service for any miCoach users who wish to migrate to Runtastic.

Adidas miCoach merges with Runtastic's app, no longer accepting memberships

With regards to fitness and activity, Fit Smart is the wristband to use, this fitness and activity monitor wristband is a fitness tracker from Adidas that is planned for the individuals who need to enhance their workouts or sports which include running, football and b-ball. Dissimilar to different fitness trackers the Fit Smart does not number your strides or track your calories throughout the day. Fit Smart- fitness and activity monitor wristband features a consistent wrist-based heart rate innovation.

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