Tipi di musica 94

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tipi di musica 94

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This book is dedicated to the unsung heroines in music and the performing arts, those who make a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to art and culture. Women artists never give up and continue to believe in equal opportunities even when these seem to be far away. This publication is the result of a necessity that I felt when I was Rapporteur for Creative Europe, the new European programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors and created to sustain projects and transnational initiatives with a double objective: to ensure that European works, artists and participants in the cultural sector move freely within and without national frontiers thereby rendering the entire European cultural and audiovisual sector more competitive. In order to ensure total effectiveness and impact for this programme in the next seven years, one billion four hundred and sixty million Euros have been invested, underlining particular attention for the access to culture and all forms of artistic expression by underrepresented groups. It is, therefore, necessary to implement specific measures to reinforce the presence of women in the cultural and creative sectors as well guaranteeing the circulation of their works within and without the Union. A situation currently the result, to a large extent, of the scarce number of women present in decisional positions in cultural institutions. The vitality of artistic creativity is necessary for the development of vibrant cultures and the functioning of democratic societies.

Music is the soul of these people, their life, their nationality. There are undoubtedly musicians in other countries who enjoy a reputation equal to that of the greatest Italian celebrities, but there is no musical people like this. Music is represented here in Italy not by individuals, but reveals itself in the whole population: music has become the people itself. This is indeed the mission entrusted to him by a busy doctor. Unable to heal or even appease, medicine gives way to a form of alternative assistance, based on narrative and imaginative power.

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