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Steam now has its own auction house. Valve is launching what's called the Steam Community Market , a new platform that will allow you to buy and sell items for Steam Wallet cash within various games on the giant digital network. The service is launching in Team Fortress 2 , with more games to come later. As part of our ongoing efforts to gradually phase out all Earth money in favor of Team Fortress hats, we're kicking off the TF2 -only beta of our new Steam Community Market! The Market should improve trading in every way: People looking for specific items will be able to locate them faster, folks looking to sell items will find the process a lot more efficient, and best of all, we've made it easier for everybody to translate playing TF2 into buying games on Steam.

In a bid to stop further Unusuals from flooding the market, Valve has now as detailed by TF2 reddit mod wickedplayer disabled the display of Team Fortress 2 inventories on the Steam Community, preventing trades and listings on the Community Market. Player items can, however, still be used in-game. Valve has yet to issue an official statement on the glitch - or indeed what, if anything, it plans to do to restore order to the TF2 trading economy - but at least the community will be impeccably attired while the whole thing sinks into the mud. Team Fortress 2 players are obsessed with them. While the game itself hasn't received a huge amount of attention from Valve in recent years, the TF2 hat economy has remained a core part of the community, with many players seeking to trade their way to rare "Unusual" hats with pretty particle effects - the mark of a truly elite TF2 player. But thanks to a new glitch, many of TF2's crates have shifted their Unusual drop rate from one per cent to per cent, making the items rather more attainable and completely upending the TF2 social hierarchy.

Team Fortress 2 hat economy wrecked by crate glitch

Could this GLITCH KILL Team Fortress 2? - TF2's ECONOMY CRASHES

Team Fortress 2's hat market has crashed and rare items are going cheap

But because TF2 is part of the sprawling Steam economy of trading, hoarding, and selling items as much as it is a multiplayer FPS, this is sparking panic right now too. Some traders are trying to band together to slow the harm, uncertain if Valve will fix it. Steam items can be treated more as currency than actual in-game items to be used, a wad of digicash with a wavering value. With the current Crate oddity meaning many Unusual items are flooding the market, their prices have crashed. I find the Steam Community Market an odd and questionable thing, an underground stock market driven by speculators, manipulators, hoarders, and just plain weirdness. The forbidden double-underground market of selling items off-Steam for real cash, rather than just store credit on Steam, is especially iffy. I understand playing the Community Market is an actual job for some people, a way to help fund buying new games for others, and just a bit of fun for others still.

An influx of rare items is playing havoc with Team Fortress 2's economy. Unusual quality items are appearing in a high number of crates and the marketplace is starting to be flooded with them, driving down their price. Today, a warning went up on the unofficial Team Fortress 2 subreddit telling players to stop trading items until the glitch is fixed. Wickedplayer warns that unsanctioned real-money trades taking place outside of Valve's official Community Market are especially high risk at the moment, though dabbling in any grey market comes with lots of risks. While Valve is yet to confirm the glitch, its impact is already being felt by the year-old game's still lively economy.

Team Fortress 2 's in-game economy went haywire last week when a bug showered players with rare, Unusual quality hats. Valve fixed the bug the following day and trade-locked the affected hats, stopping anyone profiting from the glitch—but it's now relented, and says players can trade one of the hats they obtained via the bug. The hats came from older item crates: for a short window, opening one such crate guaranteed you an Unusual hat, which are the most sought-after items in TF2. On investigation, Valve said that a "small number of accounts acquired these hats, and a smaller portion of those accounts acquired an exceedingly large number of them" in the aftermath. It has ruled that players can trade the first bugged hat added to their account. The rest will be permanently trade-locked. If you have more than one, you can refund the cost of the hats, or the crates or keys you got them from.

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