Buona sera signorina ciao ciao

Buona Sera Signorina

buona sera signorina ciao ciao

Louis Prima.- Buona Sera

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Italian greetings are used for welcoming and acknowledging others in a variety of situations. This post will give you an overview of greetings so that you can learn what to say and write, depending on the context. When you have to greet someone first rather be too formal than too casual. Most Italians save it for the formal context but sometimes you can hear it used informally too. The question has to do with politeness more than with someone actually being interested in your personal life.

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By Teresa L. The words and phrases will quickly become second nature as you use them day in and day out with everyone you come across. But in most Italy it is important to use the correct greeting depending on who you are greeting. So, you would use a different word for greeting your friend than you would for greeting your boss or teacher. Use the longer Buon giorno and Buona sera in more formal situations, like when you enter a store.

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Mauro -Buonasera ciao ciao (Discoteka '80 - Autoradio)



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