Magic jack phone system

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magic jack phone system

Shop premium VoIP products from magicJack. Make low cost internet phone calls with unlimited local and long distance calling 12 Months of Service Included.

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A lot of you have heard of magicJack, a phone system that promises free local and long-distance calling in addition to free call waiting, free voicemail, free caller ID — basically, the whole works. It sounds like a great offer, and certainly the type of offer a startup business would like to use to reduce overhead as much as possible. But we live in a digital age, and the Internet makes phone calling via computer a top-flight convenience for businesses of any type. For the same reason a lot of people use magicJack, they turn to other SIP solutions. But the appeal of using the magicJack SIP system is that it combines much of the best of both worlds: the cheap, affordable service of magicJack with a simple, easy-to-use interface of SIP.

It sounds too good to be true Can it really replace my landline? Yes, MagicJack is legit. In a nutshell, it's a device that enables very inexpensive VOIP calling phone calls over the Internet. The MagicJack device has evolved considerably since its debut. It is currently the best-selling consumer VoIP product on Amazon, with over 2, customer reviews , an average 4-star rating, and answered product questions.

You're using a web browser we don't support. Try one of these options to have a better browsing experience. Our phone systems are ready to use straight out of the box. Get crystal clear voice quality using magicJack's VoIP technology and Get hour access to your account online, pay your bill, make account updates and more!

In the company introduced magicJack Plus, which no longer requires a computer but still requires the user to have an Internet service provider. The magicJack device works exclusively with the company's captive landline supplier and competitive local exchange carrier , YMAX. Voicemail is stored on the magicJack servers and is delivered via direct telephone access, and email with WAV audio file attachments. Downloadable feature upgrades for the magicJack USB dongle are available from third-party software companies. Dan Borislow invented the product in and had applied for patents from the U. The firm's first product, introduced in , is a USB device that has both the software necessary to place Internet-based telephone calls via a customer-supplied high-speed Internet connection and the electronics technically known as a subscriber line interface circuit which allow conventional landline telephones to be plugged directly into the device. In September the company introduced magicJack Plus, which does not require the use of a computer after its initial online registration and account set-up procedure.

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MagicJack: 5 Fast Facts

How MagicJack Works

You may not see it as often these days, but not too long ago it was impossible to turn on the TV after 10 p. Is it worth a look? Read on to find out. MagicJack is a voice over internet protocol VoIP provider that has been around since Basically, it provides the same services as your home phone, but instead of an actual phone line, it uses your internet connection instead. The service has moved beyond the simple home phone alternative it started as, allowing you to make calls on the road, and even ring calls to your home phone on your smartphone. The company has also shed the shady image it initially had, trading dubious marketing tactics for an increasingly solid product.

You may have spied MagicJack on a late night TV infomercial , home shopping network or even on the shelves of your local electronics or drug store. Its ads make seemingly wild claims of drastically reducing your phone bill, but it may do just that. The earliest MagicJack required your computer to be on and connected to the Internet at all times in order to make and receive calls. But the new version, the MagicJack Plus, can be connected directly to your router or modem and can be used without a computer as long as you have broadband Internet service. Landlines offered by traditional telephone companies can cost hundreds of dollars a year, even for just basic domestic service.

MagicJack: Everything you need to know

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