Castellitto e penelope cruz


castellitto e penelope cruz

~ Non ti muovere ~ Italia centric Fan Video - FOR Penelope Cruz

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This site uses cookies. By using this site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Don't Move is worth any number of seminars on the state of Italian cinema, and is ample proof that there is life in the old dog yet. The cynical might object that this is because of a standout performance by Spanish star Penelope Cruz, who does something akin to Charlize Theron in Monster , sending a career that has been on creative pause since All About My Mother into sudden fast forward by going magnificently ugly and awkward. But actor Sergio Castellitto's second directorial effort has much else to recommend it - including his own strong performance as a surgeon with a strange, unconfessable love affair in his past. The narrative frame - the surgeon's anxious, memory-spiked vigil over his teenage daughter, who is being operated on in his own hospital after a motorbike accident - is the stuff of Hollywood melodrama.

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The brilliant Italian actor Sergio Castellitto is especially good at playing highly civilized men who struggle to control, or at least to comprehend, their own savagery. In Marco Bellocchio's "My Mother's Smile," which opened in New York a few weeks ago, he was a literature professor tormented by lust, family history and rebellious urges left over from his youth. As a theater director and actor in Jacques Rivette's "Va Savoir" , he was not so much tormented as exasperated, but it was his impatience and volatility -- a characteristic blend of intellectual quickness and reckless physical potency -- that gave that otherwise polite comedy of manners a vivifying jolt of rudeness. In "Don't Move," which he also directed, Mr. Castellitto plays Timoteo, a highly successful Rome surgeon who lives surrounded by the trappings of upper-middle-class comfort: a Volvo, a beach house, a nice apartment, a lovely wife and a daughter.

Both Castellitto and Cruz received critical praise for their performances, as well as several awards, including the prestigious David di Donatello. Timoteo Sergio Castellitto , a surgeon, gets the shocking news that his fifteen-year-old daughter Angela Elena Perino has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. As she is operated upon, Timoteo looks out of a window to see or imagines seeing a woman, her back facing him, proceeding to sit down on a chair in the rain outside. He notices her prominent red heels and turns away in disbelief, indicating he was familiar with them. His subsequent reminiscences about an old affair comprise the remainder of the film.

Don't Move (Non Ti Muovere)

Non Ti Muovere Con Sergio Castellitto E Penelope Cruz

A rainy day. A car fails to stop at a red light. A fifteen-year old girl brakes, skids, and is thrown off her scooter. The ambulance races towards the hospital. Timoteo waits as his colleague performs surgery on his daughter.

Venuto al mondo: intervista Penelope Cruz, Sergio Castellitto e Margaret Mazzantini

Don't Move (Italian: Non ti muovere) is a Italian film directed by Sergio Castellitto. It stars Penelope Cruz, Claudia Gerini, Elena Perino and the director himself. He also learns from her that she would be moving to another town shortly.
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  1. A rainy day, a missed stop at the traffic light, a year old girl skids an falls from the scooter.

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