Pasta con zucca e

Pasta con zucca e salsiccia - Picture of Masseria Campierti Restaurant, Falciano del Massico

pasta con zucca e

Sep 14, Great recipe for Pasta con zucca e salsiccia. Pasta with pumpkin and sausage. An Italian classic.


Take a journey through Italy exploring authentic regional cuisine, masterfully prepared. Steamed cannellini beans and poached prawns dressed with a light lemon vinaigrette. Thinly sliced veal tenderloin served over a tuna spread with capers and microgreens. Thin sliced raw salmon topped with fennel, oranges and black olives with lemon vinaigrette. Meatballs served with San Marzano tomato sauce and ricotta cheese. Thin sliced smoked swordfish dressed with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, parsley and thinly chopped onions.

Fresh ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and amaretti. A classic version of this fresh pasta, tasty and easy to prepare. As ravioli contain all their flavor in the inside, there is no need to add many condiments. Just a light and delicate butter and sage sauce would be perfect, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese of course Ravioli alla zucca e amaretti is an classic version of fresh stuffed pasta made with pumpkin.

It is pumpkin season! Pumpkin is an autumn vegetable, very tasty and suitable for the preparation of a variety of recipes. This recipe for pasta with pumpkin and amaretti cookies is a perfect, colorful dish on a cold and gray day. Amaretti refer to the almond flavored macaroons, crispy and crunchy, which are traditionally from Saronno, a small city in Lombardy between Como and Milan. The taste of the pasta blends well with the sweetness of pumpkin, the addition of sage gives a fragrant aroma. The flavor is unique and special; it definitely satisfies the taste of those people who love combining sweet and savory foods. I love this recipe because it reminds me so much of my childhood.

My, how delicious does this look! Thank you for sharing this recipe. I have never eaten pumpkin and mushrooms together. I can just imagine how creamy it would be. This makes a wonderful vegan meal idea for my daughter and we would definetly enjoy it too.



Spaghetti mantecati alla zucca e salsiccia


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  1. Eliminate il rametto di rosmarino e frullate fino ad ottenere una salsa liscia e aggiustate di sale e pepe.

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