Clash of clans forum sneak peeks

Clash of Clans December Update and Sneak Peeks: Shields, Village Guard, and Personal Break System

clash of clans forum sneak peeks

Discuss anything related to Clash of Clans that doesn't fit in another sub-forum here! Forum Elite VII Sneak Peek, Info, & Discussion Thread (It's baaackkk).

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Clash of Clans ' Town Hall 12 update was revealed earlier this week , and now we have a full recap of the balance changes coming alongside it. The Sneak Peek was revealed via a Supercell forum post Saturday morning. Engineers will hate this update, but loot collectors will love it. Assuming most of these changes stay in place for the final Town Hall 12 update, the balance tweaks listed here essentially fall into three categories: increasing loot and rewards, fixing exploits and buffing underused troops. The most significant gameplay change here, though, is quietly tucked into the patch notes. Because upgrading Town Hall levels now requires players to place all buildings, that makes the manipulation of war weight necessary for engineering bases very difficult to accomplish.

Discuss anything related to Clash of Clans that doesn't fit in another sub-forum here! Supercell will punish players Why does the builder base Have a great idea for the game? Want to request a feature? This is the place!

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While the team returned to work in August, big updates for Clash of Clans were said to be on hold until late September. The response was reiterated by Supercell Team member Anoushka as well. Hang in there, we're working on it. Nonetheless, there is one small tidbit of information that has shown up which may point to a September release after all. The information comes via Redditor Chief spAnser who posted a few days ago that the Clash of Clans stage server had been updated to 8. This is the server where the upcoming version of a game goes prior to being released. In the case of Supercell, its game updates often live here during the Sneak Peek period.

Clash of Clans Update Recap: heres what the new Christmas Update will contain

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  1. Finnish game developer Supercell announced last week that they will be rolling out an update for "Clash of Clans.

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