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nike free run lunar

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Our favourite Nike running shoe is currently the Nike Flyknit Lunar 2. First of all think about where you will be running. However, if you only run in the gym, then a flatter sole and lower heel drop can be more comfortable as it mimics barefoot running. If you are aware of over-pronation or under-pronation when you run, make sure you pick a Nike running shoe with the level of support you need to avoid injury. Under-pronators require more cushioning and stability, so the Nike Lunar Foam would be a great choice for structure and support. Over-pronators will want to avoid that extra cushioning, in which case basic Phylon soles would be a better pick, and those with a neutral arch are lucky enough to be able to pick just about any Nike running shoe.

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A running review: Nike Epic React Flyknit

Nike Free Run Lunar

Nike is one of the most innovative running shoe brands out there. While they do stick to some popular models for years ie the more than 30 years history of the Nike Pegasus , they constantly introduce new technologies and with them, new names and classification. This article will help you make sense of all those model names, technical jargon and finally understand which of Nike's running shoes is meant for which runner. The first and most popular category is the "Zoom" family of running shoes. Built around the hyper-popular Pegasus, it includes shoes that are meant for both daily training, spadework training and even race day.

Nike claims the shoe is a game-changing innovation. Midsole materials used by shoe brands usually have two things in common: they are made from a form of foam compound EVA, PE, PU , and they are non-proprietary materials invented by chemical companies then licenced to brands and tweaked to their specifications. React is a rubber-based compound that has been developed by Nike; the company says it will make for greater consistency in the manufacturing process. Normally, materials are soft because they absorb energy. On the flipside, hard materials give the most energy return.

Since its initial launch back in around the London Olympics, the Nike Flyknit has seen itself dressed up as a runner, a racer, and the highly coveted HTM with Lunar. However, it wasn't until recently, with the announcement of the Nike Flyknit Free, that Nike truly took the technology to the next level. What may at first glance appear to be just a hybrid silhouette is Nike offering a better version of the two. Sometimes one plus one is more than two. Nike Free has reigned as one of the most-loved sneakers in the training world since its original inspiration on the track field at Stanford. To this day, we see it in running, training, and even in golf shoes like the TW' Nike Flyknit, which was seen everywhere at the London Olympics has made its own path.


10 Things You Need To Know About The Nike Free Flyknit


Nike Free RN is the World's # best Nike running shoe ( ratings + 8 experts). The fused lunar core is a foam technology that's very lightweight and .
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