Dragon nest sniper build

Dragon Nest awakening sniper skill build

dragon nest sniper build

Dragon Nest INA Revamped Sniper 95 Rotation Skill

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The Sniper is the secondary specialization class of the Bowmaster , the other being the Artillery. Snipers specializes in using a longbow and dealing long range physical based attacks. Being the class that has the longest range in game, your sniper build should be founded into building up damage as high as you can. Having Agility as the class main attribute, you don't have to worry about reaching the highest critical output since sniper is a natural burst damager thanks to Critical Break that increases attack during critical, affected by your critical percentage. Defense is not an issue either given the fact your a long range class, you won't need defense as you are not the front liner. Regardless, it is important to keep distance as Siege Stance and Arrow Shower requires you to be immobile for long periods of time in order to get maximum damage output. In comparison to Acrobats and Artilleries , Sniper is not very mobile but has extremely high damage output.

At first I thought about making a general Bow Master thread but that would be way too much for my lazy ass, but I have an Artillery so I have an idea how this class works and I can answer some questions. Quick rundown on skills: Twin Shot Does decent damage and has quickest CD, so feel free to spam this to no end. Use it at the right moments and bosses will go down much quicker. In the meantime — skipped. Extension Arrow Great DPS on paper, but kinda weird at using, cause this skill just loves to do only impact damage and not expansion damage, it hates uneven terrain and can just not do any damage..

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Dragon Nest SEA: Sniper Awakening Skills/Update Cap lvl 93

Dragon Nest CN T4 Sniper Build Guide

I have been a Sniper player since I started playing DN in early 80 cap, and have seen many versions of Sniper. I love the calculated, micromanagement and decision making oriented playstyle of Sniper and I wish to share my knowledge with everybody! I have previously made a Sniper guide for preparing veteran Sniper players to transit from T5 Sniper to Awakened Sniper. Lately there have been more players making Sniper and maining this class and the previous guide is rather difficult for those who just started. Thus here we are, a comprehensive guide! I hope this guide will be helpful for those who want to learn more about Sniper!


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