I did know i was pregnant

"I Didn't Know I was Pregnant—Till Labor!"

i did know i was pregnant

I was 42 weeks pregnant and in my second of day of labor before I found out that I was expecting a baby.

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These stories come up every now and then where women all over the world have no idea they are pregnant for three whole trimesters until to their surprise out comes a baby! I cannot understand at all how that is humanly possible. I know some women's pregnancy symptoms aren't as substantial as others, but I put on 20 pounds and looked like I swallowed a basketball—and padded my butt, and not in a bootylicious Kim Kardashian way. I had severe headaches, abdominal cramps , back pain , foot swelling , heartburn , morning sickness , bouts of alternating constipation , diarrhea and gas. I don't know about you, but those symptoms weren't an every day occurrence for me before getting pregnant. So if any of those things suddenly happened to me—and I hadn't had a period in ages—I think I would have thought, "Hmm

Ally Opfer. I found out I was pregnant 30 minutes before Oliver was born. I woke up the morning of December 21, , feeling absolutely normal, not knowing what I was about to go through. Just a couple hours later, I started feeling some minor cramping and brushed it off as nothing. It gradually became a little more painful throughout the day so I figured it was that time of the month for me as I had started bleeding a bit too. That day, I had a busy day of coaching. I coached my high school cheerleaders at a basketball game at the Q in downtown Cleveland and then went straight to my five hours of coaching all star cheer practice after, despite being in pain [labor].

How could anyone miss those telltale signs of nausea and exhaustion? Siobhan Mooney, 23, a sales assistant, lives in Bebington. She is mum to Alfie, 21 months. As the day went on, the ache in my back got worse. I live with my parents, and when I got home my mum suggested a bath and an early night. At 11pm, I was woken by a sharp pain in my tummy and scrambled to the bathroom, thinking I needed the loo. For the next few hours, I writhed around in bed, switching sides to get comfortable.

THESE three women showed off slim, toned figures on nights out in skintight outfits — none of them realising they were heavily pregnant at the time.
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The documentary-style show follows the true stories of women who didn't know they were pregnant. The women featured on the show are all different shapes, sizes, ages, and from all different walks of life. There's no recipe for determining which women might fall victim to becoming pregnant without ever knowing it. She usually gives birth under bizarre circumstances. Some of the women featured on the show were told by medical professionals that their chances of ever conceiving were so low, that the possibility wasn't even on their radar. Some suffered multiple miscarriages before finally conceiving and carrying nearly to term without even knowing it.

TLC pulled the series from its schedule on July 15, citing low ratings. The final episode aired on October 19, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Frequent reasons for the subjects not recognizing pregnancy include: Mistaking the symptoms for another condition or illness. Believing they were infertile, and thus not considering pregnancy a possible cause of symptoms. Not having any of the "traditional" symptoms weight gain, extended abdomen, feeling of movement in stomach, morning sickness, unusual food cravings.

She had been taking the pill with no break for more than six months, but had stopped about two weeks before. Dollan had given birth by herself in the bathroom of her flat, after being sent home sick from work; a neighbour had heard her screams of labour and called an ambulance. How could she not have known she was pregnant? But the more pertinent question may be: why would she have thought she was? She had gained a little weight, but chalked that up to the breakup.

Cryptic pregnancies: ‘I didn’t know I was having a baby until I saw its head’

I didn’t know I was pregnant until I saw my baby’s head





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